Garden Party with Southern Living

April 23, 2014

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of joining the folks at Southern Living & Southern Living Plant Collection for a full-on, get-your-hands-dirty gardening seminar hosted by Carmen Johnston and SL Garden Editor Rebecca Bull Reed. We stayed at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC and it was an absolutely lovely backdrop for all the gardening festivities. The North Carolina mountains are so beautiful. We spent a day learning about the new plant collections from Southern Living and hearing funny stories, gardening tips, and styling tricks from Carmen and Rebecca.

grove park inn

Have you been to The Grove Park Inn? Oh my goodness, it is so lovely. It’s 100 years old!

southern living plant collection container garden 2

Sunday morning, it was time to get our hands dirty! Carmen walked us through it while we planted a sun container with snap dragons, celosia, and a couple of yummy herbs, rosemary, lemon thyme. And in our shade container we planted a ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia, a few impatiens, and a couple of begonias. I can’t wait for these plant babies to

southern living plant collection container garden 1

The rule for container gardens like these is The 3 T’s: Tall, Thick, & Trailing. You want to plant one tall plant for height in the back of your container, something thick that will fill-in well in the middle and something trailing off the side. Oh and one more “T” to remember, plant in the shape of a triangle!

southern living plant collection container garden 3

Carmen is the most enthusiastic garden-lover, her enthusiasm is so contagious.

Southern Living Plant Collection Event

southern living plant collection container garden 4


The SL ladies also walked us through a bunch of fabulous styling and tablesetting ideas. My favorite was the purple loropetalum centerpiece with pink tulips and peonies to accents. The whole weekend was so inspiring! I couldn’t wait to get home and set a fancy table and plant a few gorgeous containers.

southern living plant collection container garden 5

Thank you for having me, Carmen, Rebecca & Southern Living!

2 thoughts on “Garden Party with Southern Living

  1. Beverly

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!
    That had to be an exciting and inspiring weekend. I look forward to seeing how your potted plant selections mature as time marches on — probably much like you, but not nearly as lovely.


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