Hair Inspiration

April 30, 2014

Hair ruts are the worst, aren’t they? Since I grew out my pixie cut, I’ve been happy just to have a simple bob and a little tiny ponytail. But now that it’s been a while, I’m tired of the same old, same old bob. I have such a hard time getting my hair to hold a wave, but these are a few wavy options I love. Here’s hoping I can work the wave into my hair habits.





Photos via Pretty Designs

2 thoughts on “Hair Inspiration

  1. Melissa

    I agree! Hair ruts are the worse. I have a hard time holding curl/wave in my hair as well, especially the longer it gets.

    These styles are really pretty. I even have a few of them pinned on my pinterest.

  2. Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

    Hair rents are the worst! Your hair would look really cute with some soft beachy waves in a long bob. I bet if you found the right products for your hair type it would totally hold a curl! I couldn’t get a curl to hold to save my life until my hairstylist added some really great layers for texture, and recommended some great hair products. Now my go to hairstyle is beachy waves, and I can usually get them to last a couple of days even!


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