Interior Inspiration

April 24, 2014

You wouldn’t believe how long it’s taking us to get settled in our new house. Except for painting the studio, we really haven’t done anything major. We’re still trying to figure out how we use the space. I’ve found inspiration on Instagram in a whole new way lately. I’ve saved images of spaces that I think could actually mimic. Apparently, I’m inspired by either all white or all pattern, I haven’t figured that one out yet.


via Instagram Domino / Jamie Meares / Domino

I definitely want our bedroom space to be calming and cozy, mostly white with a little bit of pattern. These are the spaces I’m loving.


via Instagram pennyweight / Furbish Studio / Lesley W Graham

And of course, I’ll have a plethora of plants in the house. I can’t wait to style with green life.


via Instagram Oh Happy Day / Jordan Brantley / Daniel Kanter


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