Making Progress

April 8, 2014

We’re slowly but surely making progress at the house. I have a long list of what we need and plans for each room, but it’s a slow and steady task. When I was at home in North Carolina over the weekend, we stopped by the Mitchell Gold Outlet (such great stuff if you’re in the area!) and at my treasure trove of a storage unit.


How cute is that teal sofa? It’s not for our house, but so stinking cute.


I love this skinny 1-drawer piece. Not sure where I would put it, but I love it…


progress_storage unit 2  

And at the storage unit, there are some gems hidden back in the back! This doesn’t look like much, but it’s really a fabulous bunch of chairs and a huge dining table that is going to be our dining room table eventually. It’s a mahogany double-pedestal table and four Queen Anne’s chairs that will look great in our dining room.


I love this dot painting! A little too pricey for something you could DIY, but I love the look.



Chairs, chairs, chairs…



The most beautiful brass Robert Abbey chandelier. My Mom and sister spotted this one a few days before I came to town so we went back to look at it. They probably used it in the showroom so it was a little scratched, and discounted, lucky for me! I snatched it right up.



Red mohair! I don’t love the red for our house, but the mohair is just heavenly.


This gray enamel side table is cute, too.

progress_storage unit 1


In the storage unit…

progress_storage unit 4


Lots of chairs.

progress_storage unit 3

I brought home a mirror, a wall shelf, a tree skirt, a tablecloth and some framed prints. The dining table and chairs we’ll haul down here… eventually.


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