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April 3, 2014

Eek. Is budgeting is a sensitive topic in your house? I’m the kind of person who hates budgets. And my husband is the type of person who loves budgets and makes spreadsheets for every possible financial scenario. (Love you, babe.) It’s a classic pairing, right? One loosey-goosey and one analytical? I’m thankful that we balance each other, but mostly I’m thankful that he keeps me on track. But guess what? We’ve finally found a budget system that works for us – and I actually love it.


It’s a miracle that we didn’t kill each other our first four years of marriage, attempting to keep a budget. Oy, that was hard! The budgeting system we’ve found is easy, intuitive and mobile.

It’s called You Need A Budget, or YNAB for short. A friend told us about the software and warned us that we’d become addicted. (Thanks, Brian!) I didn’t believe him that we’d love it that much, but he was right. I’m addicted. The software tracks every dollar in and every dollar out, it’s so easy. As soon as I get a receipt, I open the YNAB app and put the amount in and categorize it. When we go out to dinner, Allen signs the check and hands it to me to put in the budget. We have all the normal categories for bills (yucko), savings (hooray), vacation (woo!), and fun money (the best). The system is just keeping track of where our all money is, we (that means Allen) still have to make payments on all the normal bank websites. I love it because I can clearly see how much of that month’s allotment I’ve spent. If it shows me I have $50 left in the grocery budget and I can act on that information. I feel empowered.

We started using YNAB in January and we’ve stayed really consistent, so it’s been great. It’s a weight off our shoulders –  it’s easy and intuitive, and best of all, we know where our money is and what it’s doing. I highly recommend it! Take that, budgeting.

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5 thoughts on “Money & Budgets

  1. Brandi

    I probably need this app more than my husband. He’s better at staying within our budget, but I always seem to go over. In my defense I’m always working on making our house a home! LOL!!!

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