Garden Guide: Campanula

May 12, 2014

This week’s Garden Guide illustration is a precious, tiny little flower called Campanula. I haven’t grown any, but I plan to spread a few throughout my perennial beds as soon as I get them going. They’re so delicate and tiny! I think campanulas look a little bit like blue Lily of the Valley flowers. Get this week’s print in Michelle’s shop here.


Sun:  Campanulas, or bellflowers, like full sun or light shade. But shade is better in hot Southern climates.
Soil:  pH range of 6 to 8. Moist, and well-drained.
Water:  Water well & often, especially if it’s super dry. These cute little guys are happy when moist! 
Prune:  Blooms in June & July.
Size:  Up to 10 inches tall. But the dwarf versions are tiny! Only 3 inches tall and around 15 inches wide. How cute! 

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