Garden Guide: Hydrangea

May 19, 2014

Now that we’re finally getting more settled in the new house, I hardly ever think about missing the old house. The only time I do is when I think about my garden. I had four lovely hydrangeas that lined the pebble path in the back and I was so bummed to leave them behind. But when we moved in the new house, I was pleased to find four lovely hydrangeas lining the driveway. I like to think they were waiting for me here. I can’t wait to see them bloom! Get this week’s Garden Guide hydrangea print in Michelle’s shop here.


Sun:  Part sun, part shade. They’ll wilt in full sun, in the summer heat!
Soil:  Hydrangeas are happiest in rich, porous, moist soil. The pH of the soil can change the color of the blooms! Acidic soil creates blue flowers, alkaline soil creates pink flowers.
Water:  Water often. (In the summer, I water mine everyday!)
Prune:  Pruning depends on the variety, some you prune before blooming (when dormant) and some you prune after blooming. Double check your variety before you cut anything!
Size:  Size depends on the variety also, but you can bet on 4+ ft. tall.

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