Garden Guide: Viburnum

May 5, 2014

Every time I think of viburnum, I think of the backyard of our old house. The first spring we spent in the house, I was just starting to pay attention to gardening, and my elderly neighbor had a few gorgeous plants in her backyard. She’d let everything grow and grow, so it was a wild and lovely garden. She had this one hydrangea that was so tall I could barely reach the blooms. I thought it was a shame she let her hydrangea get so overgrown! I didn’t even know they’d get that big! So… I trimmed it back for her. So nice of me, I thought. Well, a few months later I realized hydrangeas don’t grow that big and that plant I’d so nicely trimmed back was a beautiful snowball viburnum. Oops. Now I laugh every time I see a huge viburnum.


Sun:  Viburnum likes the sun, and can tolerate a little shade.
Soil:  Well-drained soil is preferred though some varieties like wet soil.
Water:  Water if there’s not much rainfall. These are pretty easy-going plants!
Prune:  Prune after late spring blooming to keep shape, but deadhead spent blooms and remove dead branches anytime.
 These guys can grow up to 13 feet wide! Depends on the species though, little ones will stay around 5 feet wide. 

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2 thoughts on “Garden Guide: Viburnum

  1. beverly

    The greatest lessons I’ve learned in the plant world have been from my mistakes. You’re finding that also to be true. ; )


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