Mixing Metals

May 28, 2014

I’ve been working on my jewelry game lately. I have so many pieces I never wear and pieces I buy for a specific outfit that don’t really get any variety. I’m trying to mix it up a little. Plus, I always love the look of a mixed metal palette, layered gold and silver.


I have a few great pieces that incorporate both – like the necklace below (the shortest one) that’s gold and silver. It was a graduation present and I wear it all the time to pull pieces together or alone as a single strand.


Rings, rings, rings. Midi ring is Moorea Seal and my ring finger ring was a gift from my 8th grade boyfriend. Ha!


The star necklace I picked up at Anthropologie because it’s so light and delicate. And the lily of the valley pendant is a Crow Steals Fire piece that I absolutely love.


This trio is perfect since they layer so well together but don’t overlap too much. I’ll be wearing this combo all summer with light and airy blouses and tunics.


Lily of the Valley necklace c/o Crow Steals Fire
Photos by Betsy McPherson

3 thoughts on “Mixing Metals

  1. Emily

    Hey Whitney! I love to layer my necklaces, but I have a hard time keeping them from getting really tangled throughout the day. Is there a way you know of to keep the delicate chains from getting jumbled up?

    1. Whitney Post author

      i have the same problem, but I haven’t figured out any good solutions.. i just try to wear super delicate necklaces alone and pair ones that won’t tangle too much.


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