Our Dining Room Table

June 19, 2014

We have a dining room table! We have a dining room table! And it’s not just any dining room table, it’s a gorgeous, family heirloom piece. If you can avert your eyes from the tiny, toddler witch (it’s me) in the photo below, you will see the dining room table, Queen Anne’s chairs, and sideboard piece that were in my house when I was just a little babe. Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous? And look at the shiny jacquard wallpaper, the floral runner, the silver service, the Halloween florals with Japanese lanterns. Oh, I just love this photo. Early ’90s. My Mom worked in the furniture industry in my hometown Hickory, NC and has some pretty stellar pieces to show for it. (Plus, she has great taste!)

dining room table_old

These dining room pieces have come to live in my house now, and I’m so very thankful. (One for the fact that I get to use them and also because Mom, Anna, and Grams drove them down here all by themselves in a UHaul and then unloaded them into my house while Allen and I were at work! What!? We are so lucky. And my Mom is very strong. These pieces are HEAVY!)

dining room table 6

The table is a Council Craftsman double pedestal, with three (yes, three!) leaves that extend to seat 12. Talk about a family gathering! I better start having some massive dinner parties. It’s gorgeous. The chairs are really solid and beautiful, too. (Remember them here?) They’re Henkel Harris Queen Anne chairs and they’re going to be great for lingering dinner parties and conversation.

dining room table 1 dining room table 2

The sideboard is such a special piece. It’s a Henkel Harris bow front sideboard. My mom (worked in the furniture industry and has great taste) bought it for herself when as graduation present when she graduated from college. It was discontinued so she got a good deal on it. It’s just gorgeous. It was made in 1983.

dining room table 5 dining room table 4

So that’s the latest furniture update at the house. Now to pull it all together!

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