5 Years

August 11, 2014

Allen and I celebrated our fifth anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We could not believe it’s been FIVE years. Five years seems like a really long time, a whole hand, more than “a few,” half of 10. The more anniversaries we celebrate, the more I see relationships differently. All those romantic moments my teenage-self envisioned are still there, they’re just not exactly how I envisioned them. Carrying groceries in the house, mopping the floor, talking about budgets, cooking dinner. What I’m learning after five years, is that the bigger, better romance is that this guy right here is a great partner. He’s still that handsome, quiet guy I first met in the corner apartment of building G, but now he’s the guy who brings me coffee in the morning, the guy who asks if I’m happy, and the guy who plans for our future. Thank you for being an awesome husband and a good man, Allen. I love you!



Photos by KNW Photography from our San Francisco trip

5 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. B......

    Those happy tears that welled up in the corners of his eyes as you walked down the aisle told me he’d be just that kind of husband 5 years later. That makes me happy too.


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