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August 13, 2014

We’re finally making more progress around the new house! Can I even call it new anymore? We’ve been here since March. Anyway, even just a little progress in the new house is totally rejuvenating. It’s coming along nicely!

The Curtis Casa, Kitchen Progress

This one wasn’t a new addition, but I just realized I hadn’t shown you guys a kitchen update. We have these cute little shelves in both corners in the kitchen. They’re too tall and hard to reach to put daily items like plates and cups, but they’re perfect for cookbooks and special pieces. (Here’s the kitchen when we moved in.)

The Curtis Casa, Kitchen Progress The Curtis Casa, Kitchen Progress

This corner of the hallway is coming along nicely. Mom brought me this beautiful chest and we found the mirror and that awesome white enamel bowl & brass base at an antique store over the weekend.

The Curtis Casa, House Progress The Curtis Casa, House Progress

And this guest bedroom & bathroom might be my favorite combination in the whole house. The light is unbelievably pretty in both of these rooms. (Here’s the guest bedroom & bathroom when we moved in.)

The Curtis Casa, Bathroom Progress The Curtis Casa, Bathroom Progress The Curtis Casa, Bathroom Progress

I’m on the hunt for a super cool planter to put my poor fiddle leaf fig in. Any suggestions?

The Curtis Casa, Guest Bedroom

I’m still working on the details for this bedroom, rug, artwork, lengthening the bed skirt, different nightstands, etc., but I really like it so far.

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13 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. Katie Gavigan

    Wow!! Your house is so unbelievably gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with those good bones…paneling in the bath, the shutters, and the beautiful shower hardware…oh my! And what is that amazing armoire/cabinet situation in the bathroom? Love the rug… love it all! Can’t believe your bathroom is big enough for that (not mine!!). Loved seeing these updates, and cannot wait to see more…this is a stunner.

    1. Whitney Post author

      aw, thank you, Katie! we really lucked out with this house. the armoire was mine when i was a little, we had no idea it would fit so perfectly in between the sinks there! it’s perfect for bathroom storage.

  2. Megan

    What an adorable kitchen and home! I randomly came across your blog and saw that you went to Furman. My husband went there and we currently live in Greenville! I’m a fellow DIY and home blogger as well and my husband and I are currently renovating a 1919 house near downtown. Loving your exposed bathroom plumbing and it’s making me re-think our own bathroom. :)

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  4. Molly

    Where is the bathroom rug from? I have been looking for something just like that! Absolutely love your decorating style.

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