Thinking About Built-Ins

September 10, 2014

For our family room, we’re thinking we’ll cozy the room up with some built-ins on the back wall. It’s the left wall in the photo below. It needs some cozy-ing since it looks empty, huh! Yes, I am showing you a photo of the empty room before we moved in because I hate the way this room looks right now. :)

empty family room

Big chunky shelves built around the window on the back wall of the room will feel really lived in and homey, I hope. I’m imagining walking into the room… a plush rug, a comfy couch and a backdrop of pretty books and special trinkets, layered with art and lamps. I like it. Here’s some of the inspiration I can’t get out of my head. Plus, this is a long term plan for the room, we’ve gotta settle on furniture first!

built ins for family room 1


built ins for family room 3

Martha Stewart Living

built ins for family room 4

Little Green Notebook

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