Guest Bedroom Reveal

October 14, 2014

I’m so excited to have our guest room finally feeling finished! I have no idea why I started with this room, we barely use it! Except when my family comes to visit, which is kind of often. You’re welcome, Mom! :) It makes me happy to walk down the hall to peek in and see all the color and pattern. The light in this room is so gorgeous, too. Mmm! In love!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 8

First of all, we had to get rid of the awful red and blue stripes we started with: here’s the beforeprogress, and more progress. It was fun to see the room develop over time. I knew I wanted to try mixing a couple patterns (the floral and stripe came together really nicely) and I knew I wanted to add a surprising color to lengthen the bedskirt. That part turned out even better than I envisioned! (We had to put the bed frame on risers to get it to attach to the headboard.)

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 1

The dresser was our dresser in our room at the old house. There’s a lot of wood tones going on in here, and Birch blends right in!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 3

The inspiration behind finishing this room was a really fun partnership with Caitlin Wilson Textiles. This was such a fun excuse to pick out one of Caitlin’s fun patterns. Plus, I just love their team! We have a really exciting giveaway coming up later today!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 2

It was really fun to have Katie, of Katie Oblinger Photography, come shoot the room for me. She is the sweetest! We were just chatting away while she click, click, clicked away on her camera. If you’re looking for a photographer in Atlanta, Katie is your girl!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 6

I loved the combination of black, white, gray, and blue. And the fuchsia bedskirt is just to die for. I can’t even. I love pulling in the orange of the lamp and some darker tones on the nightstand. The bed could go preppy, which is not me, but then the darker nightstand, orange lamp, dark and moody print from Ashley Bailey, mixing brass and silver, and the face portrait by my sister… Mmm! Pulls it all together, I think.

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 7

The previous owners had this cushion on the fireplace (you can see the before here) because this room was a playroom for their three boys. I loved the idea of softening the fireplace hearth to make the room welcoming, even though we don’t have kiddos yet. I wasn’t sure at first but I love the bold, colorful pattern paired with the traditional pieces on the mantel. And the round pillow is an old one that belonged to my Grandmother! I love mixing it with the new patterns, too.

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 9

That’s it! Come back later today for a giveaway from Caitlin Wilson Textiles! :)

Photography by Katie Oblinger Photography

Headboard: Kirkland’s Nora Gray Headboard
Matelasse Quilt: Marshalls (for a steal!)
White & Grey Stripe Duvet: West Elm, on sale (Here’s one similar.)
Gray Pillows: Home Goods
Accent Pillow: c/o Caitlin Wilson
Bedskirt: Home Decorators Collection (in Antebellum) + custom lengthening
Floral Print: Ashley Woodson Bailey
Nightstand: Sherrill Furniture
Painting on Nightstand: Anna Bost (my sis!)
Lamp on Nightstand: Robert Abbey (I think?!)
Dresser: Mine since I was a little babe.
Cloisonne Lamp: Vintage
Mirror above Dresser: Vintage
Fireplace Cushion: c/o Caitlin Wilson
Fireplace Pillows: Caitlin Wilson & Vintage

5 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Reveal

  1. katie

    The room is fabulous!!! And I’m equally obsessed with the pillows. I’m loving the gold lotus one so, so much! Such a blast working with you!

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  3. Barbara

    I really like the different ways that you mix colors and put things with personal meaning for you – it just pulls things together in a way that is natural and not looking like you just got your ideas from a decorating magazine. I know that they have great ideas to get you thinking, and I’m not entirely against taking something lock, stock and barrel from a magazine. I have a picture of what my “ideal” look in a kitchen would be (of course with a million others) and I found a white and black kitchen that just contains enough of what I have, already, to appeal to me.


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