More Garden Progress

October 27, 2014

We made some serious progress in the garden when Mom was here last week! It doesn’t look like much now, but we got a ton of plant material in the ground. Mom brought at least 14 or 15 big trash bags full of plants from her garden. Isn’t she the best?! Yes. Yes, she is.

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

We planted everything pretty much like we planned out over the summer. The cool, fall weather has been perfect for these new plant babies to get used to their new home.

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

This corner is the closet garden area to the deck… This will have my favorite perennial begonias, a gardenia, an American boxwood, Solomon’s Seal, a couple of Soft Caress Mahonias, and then a gorgeous hosta and fern collection by the tree with some Lily of the Valley in front. It’s going to be gorgeous when it all fills in this spring!

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progres

Mom and I dug most of the holes the first day, but we had 2 fabulous helpers – Allen and Lee – who relieved us and did most of the hard work for us, including operating the tiller! Side note, planting such a massive amount of plant material is so much easier with a tiller!

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

Everything will get settled in with the cool weather this fall and will hopefully grow in nice and full in the spring! I can’t wait to see it all come together! :) This is a really solid base for the garden and now we’ll just get to add fun accent plants. Yay!

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

4 thoughts on “More Garden Progress

  1. Kathryn

    That looks so much like our backyard! I love how yours is coming together. We’ve been working on our front yard and landscaping is a beast of a project!

  2. cindy espinoza

    I had to smile when I read that your mom brought trash bags of plants over from her garden. Im glad im not the only one! My mom lives in ohio and Im in atlanta and I cant tell you how many times I have flown home with bags of plants, or my mom will pack a suitcase or rubbermaid tub with plants. Practically my whole garden was transplanted from her garden:)
    anyway…your garden looks great. I would like to add some boxwoods like yours this spring!
    thanks for sharing

  3. Barbara

    Gardeners just exchange plants. Everyone has special ones that they love, or have plants that someone dear to them dug them from their garden – just like your Mom. Eventually, once the garden is established, it will become more of who you are, because you will add or move things around. Your garden looks as though it will fill in and be just lovely.
    I have never tried using a tiller. Our soil has a lot of clay (Central Upstate NY). Our house is on the market so that my husband and I can downsize and I can’t wait to bring some of my garden here, to the place that we will be living. I can use some of what’s there, give some away and add my own personal favorites. I think that a tiller will be a must to be started because I have arthritis in my hands. Thanks for the idea.


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