Happy New Year!

January 7, 2015

Happy 2015, friends! I hope the new year is off to a great start for you, it certainly is for us! We enjoyed a great holiday with family and friends. Allen and I, as part of our new years’ tradition, sat down and talked about 2014, what we loved about it, what we could improve, how we’re doing in all the life categories, financially, spiritually, physically. We came up with a short list of real, attainable resolutions and I’m already so refreshed and thankful for the new year!

white kitchen the curtis casa

2015 Resolutions

Community: We love our “new” (I probably can’t saw new anymore, can I?) neighborhood, our neighbors, everything about it. We want to keep investing in relationships here in Marietta and in our community. For us, that means really getting to know our neighbors, finding a church we love, and getting involved in something in the community.

Financial: We use a really nifty app, called YNAB, (I wrote about it here) to budget and track our finances. We started using it in January 2014 and we’re still obsessed. It is SO helpful and has totally transformed how Allen and I track money, how we save money, and most importantly, how we talk about money.

Physical: Allen and I are in a mediocre habit (frequency-wise) of working out a couple times a week in the early morning before work, but we want to do more.

Heath & Wellness: I don’t have any crazy fads to subscribe to in the health & wellness department, I just want to feed our family good, whole foods.

Happy New Year, guys & gals!

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