It’s a…

January 28, 2015

gender reveal brunch table setting 1

. . . G I R L !

gender reveal brunch table setting 2

We are thrilled that we’re going to welcome a BABY GIRL into our family this July. We found out a few weeks early… I couldn’t stand to not know! We had a little brunch celebration to share the news with a few friends. I couldn’t keep it a secret for too long, but I wanted to do a little something fun. We are so excited about this baby girl! I admit I was taken by surprise, I had always envisioned myself with a boy baby for some reason. But now that I know it’s her, it’s perfect. This baby girl will fit right in with the closeness with my Grams, Mom & Sister. The Curtis family is way boy-heavy – it’s about time to add a sweet girl into the Curtis family mix! I’m getting so excited about all the Mom & Daughter things this baby and I will share. She will be my firstborn, the way I am my Mom’s firstborn. This special bond is not lost on me and I am giddy at the thought of being as close with my daughter as I am with my Mom. (Love you, Mom!) And Allen, my sweet, sweet husband, is going to be such a great girl-daddy. I cannot wait to see how his daughter will break into his hard exterior. She will melt him, I’m pretty confident. Mostly, I can’t wait to see him playing dolls, having imaginary tea parties, brushing hair and putting on bows!

And, a little side story, just for fun. Our ultrasound appointment was really sweet. To tell us the big news, the technician actually typed the words “I’m a… GIRL!” For a moment, I thought was an odd communication method, but I’m so thankful she took herself out of the moment and let Allen and I have that time for us to share. It was really, really sweet.

Eeee! It’s a G I R L !

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  1. Jenny

    Whitney, congratulations!!! I had a baby girl last year and she is just the sweetest thing ever. Such a little blessing. Thanks for sharing about this.


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