Maternity Wear

January 15, 2015

I’m 16 weeks this week (eee!) and I’ve got a little teeny tiny bump starting to show. That means I’m eagerly and excitedly shopping around for maternity options and secretly hoping a big baby bump will pop out soon! My first search for stylish maternity was a newer brand I’ve seen around the internets lately, Hatch. These pieces are gorgeous, simple and sleek. These are my favorites so far.

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Pull-Over

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Mia Dress

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Demin Leggings

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Marais Dress

PS – I’m keeping track of all my maternity wishlist items on Pinterest!

8 thoughts on “Maternity Wear

  1. Kirbey Broome

    ASOS has excellent maternity wear. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them and was pleased with it all. I found that a lot of brands fit larger than their normal sizing. ASOS seemed to run true to size. And I know you are teeny, so you can appreciate that! Congrats!!!! Can’t wait to see the nursery plans!

  2. Kirsten

    my sister is pregnant right now so i’ve been helping her on the hunt for cute maternity clothes! i think asos has lots of really cute stuff! you are going to be so adorable with y our little bump.

    1. Whitney Post author

      aww how fun!! hehe thank you! i’ve heard a lot of good recos about asos so i’ll definitely try that. thank you! :) and congrats to your sis!

  3. cody | cody uncorked

    I first saw Hatch on Joanna Goddard’s blog, Cup of Jo, and have secretly coveted it (despite NOT being pregnant) ever since. Love!!! You are going to be the cutest pregnant chica ever though, no matter what you wear! XO


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