Our Big (Little) News

January 12, 2015

… We’re having a baby! 2015 is going to be a great year for the Curtis family! Allen and I are so excited to be experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Expecting our first baby simultaneously feels life-changing and shocking, and yet completely natural. We had a great time surprising our family and friends with the good news before the holiday season. Baby Curtis will be joining us in July, so Allen and I are going to be busy, busy for the next few months preparing. We are so thrilled!

teddy bear

Thank you all for the congratulations and well wishes! We are grateful. (Oh and PS – please, please send us all your tips, advice and recommendations!)

10 thoughts on “Our Big (Little) News

  1. Heather Bailey

    Oh my gosh, congrats!!! So exciting :-) I only have experience with a puppy, so I don’t I can help much hehe. But from what I have heard, be sure to get as much done as soon as you can because you will be extra tired the closer you get! There is no harm in having the nursery done and ready ahead of schedule ;-) Can’t wait to see those plans and what you will incorporate! Oh and the registry will be fun, get to use that scanner thing again ;-) Or just do it all online, either way. So happy for you both, and I am looking forward to your updates!!!!

  2. Beverly

    You are going to be the BEST mom because someone special set a great example. We’re so happy for you and look forward to watching you navigate this wonderful new journey.

  3. Shavonda

    I know I already say this on IG, but OMG!!!! Congratulations Whitney. What a lucky and super blessed baby to have you as a mama. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy love.


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