Custom Built In Closet

March 24, 2015

custom built-in closet

After taking my sweet time to put the finishing touches on the custom closet my father-in-law built for me, it’s finally done! I really love how it turned out. It’s plenty of room and it’s so organized.

custom built-in closet

I wanted to be able to see my necklaces and such, so the middle area became a vanity of sorts. I had to have lots of hooks… The earring frame and the bars on the sides are DIY and the 3 hooks in the back are from World Market.

custom built-in closet

Shoes, shoes! Love these shoe shelves. Plus, they’re removable if I need more hanging space and less shoes.

custom built-in closet

Along the top I have baskets for storage and above the jewelry area is a basket for clutches.

custom built-in closet custom built-in closet, jewelry organization    custom built-in closet custom built-in closet, jewelry organization

PS – There’s something funny and seemingly out of place in these photos… Do you see it?! (I’ll give you a hint… It’s greenish. It’s a random souvenir that I’ve had forever and don’t have a place for so I randomly put it in my closet and now it just lives there. Ha!)

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