Baby’s First Year Photo Ideas

June 1, 2015

I’ve been thinking lately about a cute monthly photo idea we could do with our little gal. I know I want to keep a visual of her growth from month to month over this first year, I’m just not sure how yet. Here are a few ideas I really like. Oh Joy’s monthly photos of her daughter are precious, mark the month with a glittery mini piñata number, of course!

monthly newborn photos with gold numbers

I stumbled on little miss Avanelle on Instagram a few weeks ago and I absolutely love these flower numbers Avanelle’s mom creates. The flowers are seasonal too, which I’m sure is a fun reminder when they look back on the whole year and remember the baby stage and the season that went with it. See all of Avanelle’s months on Instagram.

monthly newborn photos with flowers

And this cute little dude gets to hang out on a different handmade quilt every month to have his photo taken! How cool is that? I love the bright colors and patterns and the handmade element. But who has time for that? See more of these colorful quilts here.

monthly newborn photos with handmade quilt

One thought on “Baby’s First Year Photo Ideas

  1. Melissa

    I love the flowers one too, I follow another girl on IG who does something very similar with her daughter. I’ve been taking monthly photos of both of my girls now and I put them on the recliner in our nursery. In hindsight, it’s the more mobile the come the harder it is (and more dangerous it is!) to keep them in the rocker. My husband has to be on hand to make sure they don’t fall out.

    I do have a stuffed animal in the photo with them, which makes for a fun “marker” to see how much they grow month to month.


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