Breastfeeding Fuel & The Up App

June 19, 2015

This post is sponsored by Jawbone. All opinions are my own.

We’re on a healthy eating mission these days! We always try to be conscious of our eating habits, but since our daughter decided to join us almost 2 weeks ago, it’s even more important to fuel my body with good nutrients while I’m breastfeeding. We’re super lucky to have family and friends bringing us healthy meals, fresh fruit and yummy snacks.

Jawbone Up Move Meal Tracker

I got started with the Jawbone UP MOVE a few weeks ago to track my activity and was super excited that it was easy to use and an easy reminder to get up and move. I definitely found myself more inspired to be active when I wore it, though I was 8 months pregnant at the time! When I started playing around with the meal tracker, I was equally excited that it was easy to input standard items like cereals and fruits, as well as homemade meals.

Jawbone Up Move Meal Tracker

When you’re ready to enter a new meal, all you have to do is find the item, like a banana, and input the quantity. It’s better to enter as you eat because the Jawbone app will take note of the time, plus if you’re like me, by the end of the day you’ll forget what you ate for breakfast! For custom meals, the Jawbone UP MOVE app will remember the “Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos” I entered so next time I make that recipe, the nutritional value and calorie count will already be there. I did the same for my favorite granola bars and other snacks I eat really often.

Jawbone Up Move Meal Tracker Jawbone Up Move Meal Tracker

Obviously, my priority in life right now is feeding, changing and cuddling with my baby girl, but I’m super excited to get back on step-counting and meal-tracking with Jawbone when we come out of the newborn haze of no sleep and breastmilk everywhere. :)

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