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June 3, 2015

This post is sponsored by Jawbone. All opinions are my own.

We’re entering the last month of pregnancy! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’ve got a little list of things to do this month: pack the hospital bag, finish washing baby clothes, put the final touches on the nursery… and WALK! When Jawbone reached out about their cute little UP Move fitness tracker, I was super excited to try it. Since walking is on my to do list, it came at the perfect time.

Jawbone Up Move 3

I was a little bit hesitant about fitness trackers at first, thinking that it’d be easy to get to 10,000 steps… But let me tell you, it is HARD to get to 10,000 steps in a day and this magical little Jawbone UP Move gadget makes it easy and fun to keep track of how active you’ve been. I’ve only been wearing it for about a week now and it’s been so great to have a reminder to move my body, especially in this last month of pregnancy when moving makes baby girl settle back into a comfortable position inside my belly.

Jawbone Up Move 6 Jawbone Up Move 7 Jawbone Up Move 10

The app is really impressive, too. It’s encouraging, not in an overbearing way, and practical, not in an cheesy way. How does it keep track of so much information? It’s magic. So far I’ve tracked my sleep (which is funny when I wake up 3x a night to go to the bathroom) and my steps. Next up, I’m going to track meals and water intake.

Jawbone Up Move 11    Jawbone Up Move 12

When you have a particularly active period, like a walk around the block, for example, the UP Move will notice and prompt you to tell it what type of activity you were doing and how intense it was. They call the little genius inside the app the Jawbone Smart Coach. Over time, he learns your behaviors and can suggest ways to reach your goals based on your particular habits. Apparently, my Smart Coach knows that I take walks in the evenings after work. :)

Jawbone Up Move 14 Jawbone Up Move 16

If you’ve been thinking about getting a fitness tracker and haven’t jumped in yet, try a Jawbone. I was seriously a skeptic but I’m pretty sure I’m becoming addicted. It’s been an awesome way for me to keep being active on my (pregnant!) brain.

Jawbone Up Move 15

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