Happy Naptime

July 24, 2015

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We’ve been working on a mini-schedule for Lucy the past few weeks, simply encouraging the natural nurse and nap pattern that she’s naturally fallen into. As of almost 7 weeks, (7 weeks?!) Lucy naps really well in the mornings, pretty well mid-day and the afternoons are a gamble.

Munchkin Latch Pacifier 1

There a few essentials we have to have at 7 weeks to make a nap a good one: a tight swaddle, some background noise and a great lightweight pacifier. We’ve finally found a couple of swaddles that work well for us, Lucy’s flexible with the background noise, (a noisy kitchen, lullabies or white noise will do) and the pacifier is my favorite part. It’s fascinating, and so satisfying, to watch Lucy’s gurgles and groans fade away when she find comfort in that newborn sucking reflex with her favorite Munchkin pacifier. These cute pink and orange Munchkin pacis were designed with pediatric dentists and moms, with a goal of developing a lightweight, comfortable pacifier. When Lucy’s happily suckling away, Allen and I slowly back away and high five that she’s content and napping… for now!

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And Mama has her own agenda for Lucy naps! I know everything says nap when the baby naps, but I was only able to do that the first few weeks when my own Mama made me. :) Now, during Lucy’s good morning nap, I usually do whatever is the most important task of that day. Whether it’s cleaning the kitchen, making sure a few loads of laundry or ironing get done, watering the plants or taking a few photos for the blog. The afternoons are Lucy & Mama’s snuggle time. (Let’s be honest, I could snuggle my girl all day.) Since her naps are less consistent and she’s usually more fussy in the afternoons, I love to have her nap on my chest. Plus, the Munchkin pacis are lightweight and easy to pop in her mouth one-handed. Plus, the cute heart shape makes them fit just right under her nose and propped between my chest and her chubby cheek. She sleeps really well snuggled up on my chest with a soft blanket and paci. And I can’t get enough of those sleepy snuggles. And she smells so delightful! I usually make a cup of tea (one-handed!) and have a snack (usually fig newtons) and we both have a little down time. It’s a sweet snuggle time, I know she loves it just as much as I do.

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And don’t be fooled with all this talk of snuggles, Lucy’s got a set of lungs on her and she’s not afraid to use them! Evening fussy hour is a normal occurrence and we always bust out the pacifiers again – along with every bounce movement and silly “shhh” sound we can think of. It’s hard in the moment (or hour…) but it always passes. And usually, our trusty Munchkin pacifier is to thank for that. :) Luckily, there are three different nipple shapes that grow with baby, specific to the shape of baby mouths at 0+ months, 3+ months, and 6+ months. I think we’ll be depending on our Munchkin pacis for a while. :)

Munchkin Latch Pacifier

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