Four Months with Lucy

October 15, 2015

Little Lucy, you’re not so little anymore! Your daddy and I are so in love with you. We love watching you grow, and we’re growing with you, too. You are a delightful little one, you’re curious about the world around you, you’re eager to babble and coo with us and you’re the sweetest little snuggler there ever was.


Development: It is completely fascinating and so so fun to watch Lucy’s world open up more and more everyday. Every time she discovers something new or sees something in a new way, it’s completely awe-inspiring. Lately, she’s been noticing our dog, Birch, in a new way. Last week he did his usually “play with me” dance and Lucy giggled in response! She’s a smiley girl, giggling a little bit when we exaggerate our kisses. She’s also quite a coo-er. She started coo-ing and having little conversations with us around 3 months, and then paused her conversation skills for a couple weeks while some other developmental things were happening in her brain, that’s what we think anyway. It was so fascinating! Lucy’s coo-ing and gurgling and squeaking is an awesome sign of her wanting to connect with us. Physically, she can lift her torso up into a pretty good push up, roll over and can hold her head up pretty well for short periods of time in an almost-sitting-up position. She can hold herself up really well while we’re holding her, and it’s made her feel like such a big girl!


Daytime: Lucy gets to hang out with her Grandmas at our house has been so fun and so comforting for me to ease the transition back to work. I’m so thankful our families have been so super supportive! Lucy’s morning routine is the most consistent, she usually wakes up around 8:00, happy as a clam. She still taking multiple naps throughout the day, depending on length. She loves playing with her hands and touching her hands together, reaching out to touch the animals on her playmat, grasping onto things and immediately bringing them to her mouth, grabbing mama’s hair and necklaces, etc. She has the best smile and a joyful little giggle. We’ll cover her in kisses to make her giggle and I just about cry every time. She’s the cutest.

Nighttime: Lucy’s been so sweet to grant us so many calm nights, around 10 hours straight sleeping. Right around 16 weeks, we had a short stint of the four-month sleep regression, it’s supposedly caused by the developmental leaps they’re going through, but it only lasted 3 or 4 nights. Every now and then she’ll have a couple nights in a row of nighttime waking, but they’re usually temporary or caused by a something in particular, like a doctor visit or really rocking her off her routine.


Lucy’s still rocking 3 month onesies and she fits in 6 month pants and pajamas. We think she’s gonna be long like her daddy! Lucy weighed 13 lbs. 7 oz. and 24 inches long at her 4 month appointment this month.

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  1. Marilyn Richards

    My Great Grandaughter, Lucy is the most adorable, sweetest, happiest baby, growing beautifully in every way…we are completely in love with her. We are so very proud of her and her parents and her Grandparents. More love, G.G.


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