Five Months with Lucy

November 16, 2015

Oh, Lucybaby! It’s been such a great five months with you, baby girl. You are such a delight! Your personality is starting to bubble out of your sweet little spirit. We love you!



Lucy’s 5 month mark was unfortunately a liiittle bit overshadowed by a hospital stay. We started daycare at the beginning of November, so Lucy was exposed to a few bugs pretty much right away. A nasty virus called RSV landed us in the hospital for 4 days. But, Lucy’s 5 month mark was also when we got to do a fun photoshoot with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. Look for my mom and Lucy in the February issue! Anyway, it was a big month!


Lucy’s motor skills are developing faster than ever and she’s demonstrating her strength daily. Lucy’s rolling every which way and always practicing interesting movements. It’s so interesting to watch her work and work and then, voila, move!

Lucy-5-Month_3 Lucy-5-Month_4

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Hand lettering by Jenn Gietzen, Write On! Design

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