Six Months with Lucy

December 14, 2015

Oh, Lucybabe. The best part of my day is when I see Lucy make her happy face. It’s the best. I cannot believe our Lucy is half a year old! Lucy is such a lively baby lately… squealing, grabbing and laughing all the time.


Development: Lucy has learned a lot of fun movements this month! One of the funniest discoveries… her tongue! Lucy started playing around with her tongue, sticking it out, pulling it in, sucking on her upper lip, doing horselips (that’s what you call the tongue vibrating on the lips, right?!), and sucking on her fingers. Lucy’s been so giggly lately and easily entertained. She’s so excited about her toys these days, clearly showing a preference for her bunny friend, her pink puppy, her soft stackable blocks and her owl rattle. Her motor skills are developing, she can control her paci in and out of her mouth pretty well.


Daytime: We eased back into the daycare routine after our hospital stay and it’s improved a lot since that first sick week. (There haven’t been any more illnesses so I’m thankful for that!) Lucy is always happy and smiling when I pick her up. She’s taking 2, sometimes 3, naps at daycare each day. She’s usually a quick napper, less than an hour, but sometimes she’ll still do a solid 2 hour nap. On the weekends, Lucy naps in her crib, snuggling with mama and daddy or while we grocery shop, like a champ. I’m thankful she’s such a flexible gal.

Nighttime: We had a little bit of a sleep regression after the hospital stay. (Waking up for vital checks every 2 hours in the hospital will really throw you off your routine I think.) For the past month Lucy’s only slept through the night 2 or 3 times, but she usually sleeps a solid 6-7 hour chunk at least, so it’s not too bad. I like to think of it as a little snuggle. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I can just roll over and feel Allen’s warmth and hear his breathing, and it’s so comforting. I don’t mind being that for Lucy even if it means I have to wake up at 4am. :)

Lucy-6-Month_3 Lucy-6-Month_4


At her six month appointment, Lucy weighed 14.5 lbs and measured 27 inches long. A whole 10 inches longer than when she was born! Lucy is 20th percentile in weight and 90th percentile in height… I wonder where she gets those proportions!


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