The Best Manual Pool Vacuum

What is the best manual pool vacuum? It is not easy to choose the best vacuum cleaner for a swimming pool, and it is even harder if you are looking for the best manual pool vacuum.

There are hundreds of models that you can choose from both online and at your local store, and they all seem to look the same. However, these cleaners are different, and every model or brand has its unique pros and cons.

Due to that, I have reviewed the seven manual pool vacuums that you should consider getting for your swimming pool.

Review of 7 Manual Pool Vacuums: Editors Pick for 2020

Here is a summary of the top seven pool cleaners that you should get for your swimming pool. Note that they are operated manually.

1. Pool Blaster Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Rechargeable Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Cleaner 

Pool Blaster is a reputable brand that provides some of the best pool cleaners you can get on the market today. One such model is the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish that comes with a lot of amazing features, and it is ideal for above ground pools.

  • Cordless unit – The first feature that I love of this model is the cordless nature as it gives you the freedom to move around when cleaning your pool. Since it is cordless, the model comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that provides enough power to last for hours. 
  • Small inground pools – Another feature that makes it a great unit is the ability to clean small pools, hot tubs, and spas. And it is also recommended for above ground and soft-sided pools, such as Intex.

Other features:

  • Offers versatile cleaning due to the 7½-inch removable vacuum head 
  • The battery lasts for 45 minutes 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Able to attach to telescopic poles 
  • Disposable micro-filter bags  

2. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

The other cleaner on my list is also a top model that can help you to clean your swimming pool as well as a spa or hot tub. It is one of my favorite cleaners on the shelves today and it comes with some superb features, including:

  • Battery-powered – The ability to use a battery means that you can rest assured you will have an easy time when cleaning your pool. It comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery that gives it the power it desired to clean even the toughest of messes in your swimming pool.
  • Unique construction – One thing you should note is that this is the flagship cleaner of the Pool Blaster line and it was designed to be different from other models. It was designed to provide the best cleaning.

Other features:

  • The battery lasts for 60 minutes 
  • For hot tubs, pools, and spas
  • Reusable X-treme multilayer filter
  • Easy push-button on/off switch 
  • Battery recharges fast 

3. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Another cleaner that can clean your pool to leave it spotlessly clean is the Intex Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and it uses a rechargeable battery. It is a model that can withstand heavy-duty use and provides some fantastic features such as:

  • Automatic shutoff – The automatic shutoff is a feature that comes in handy to ensure that the cleaner saves power when it is not in use. What that means is that it goes off when it is out of the water, and it is made using IPX8 waterproof material. 
  • Interchangeable brush heads – These heads allow you to choose the right brush for your swimming pool. You can have peace of mind knowing that the cleaner won’t damage your swimming pool.

Other features 

  • Durable, built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 
  • Suitable for above ground pools and PureSpa
  • Vacuums debris and dirt 
  • A USB cable for charging the batteries 
  • Wider telescoping aluminum shaft 

4. Pool Blaster Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless 

Another pool cleaner by Pool Blaster that has made it on my list is the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless. It is a unique vacuum cleaner that comes with amazing features, which I have reviewed here:

  • Capture more dirt – It boasts of a higher debris capacity than most pool cleaners on the market today. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your cleaner can clean the pool for hours without needing to empty the debris, dirt, or leaves in the bag.
  • Versatile cleaning – You can choose between spot cleaning or cleaning the whole pool. That is all possible thanks to the ability to choose between the two features, and spot cleaning can remove a stain within seconds. 

Other features

  • Cordless model that uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Easy to operate 
  • Provides up to 45 minutes of cleaning 
  • Perfect for soft-sides pools, above ground pools, and inground pools 
  • Connects to telescoping pools 
  • Able to vacuum all the dirt 

5. Water Tech CATFISH Pool Blaster Catfish Battery Powered Vacuum

Water Tech CATFISH is a model that can help you to remove the burden of manually cleaning your swimming pool. It provides you with superior power to help scrub all the messes on the pool and leave it cleaner than ever.

  • Versatile – One thing you should note is that this is a cleaner that was made to provide you with versatility and innovative functionality. That means you can easily clean the bigger messes in your spa or pool without using effort. 
  • For inground pool – Another feature that makes this a great model is the ability to clean an above ground pool, an inground one, spa, and hot tubs. It is the only cleaner that you will ever need if you own all these swimming facilities.

Other features;

  • Filter bag collects fine and large debris 
  • Easily attaches to telescopic poles
  • Comes with a battery and charger
  • Easy to operate 
  • Lasts for a long time 

6. Aqua Products Water Tech CATFISH Pool Blaster Catfish Battery Powered Vacuum

The fifth model is an automatic suction cleaner that was designed to clean most pool types and does not lose power. It is one of the most reliable cleaners you can find online today. Here are some of its significant features:

  • Connects to vacuum inlet – It is a great feature that ensures you save money since you do not need to buy an extra booster pump to run the cleaner. You can also connect it to the skimmer inlet. And it is straightforward to connect this model to that inlet.
  • Clean whole pool – One feature that I love of this model is the ability to leave your swimming pool thoroughly cleaned. It is a model that cleans corners, stairs, walls, and floors of a swimming pool. 

Other features:

  • Dual suction design 
  • Comes with a 32-foot hose 
  • Ideal for soft-sided pools 
  • One of the most affordable cleaners 
  • Easy to connect to the inlet 

7. Pool CENT2012 Water Tech Blaster Centennial 

Pool CENT2012 is one of the most advanced pool cleaners that has ever hit the market, and it is a battery-powered model. It offers some fantastic features that can guarantee you a durable product that is effective in cleaning a swimming pool.

  • Great filter – One of the pros of this model is the advanced filter that helps to collect even the tiniest of debris in your pool. The filter also helps to capture as much dirt as possible before you can empty the unit.  
  • Durable cleaning power – It is another feature that ensures you get a clean pool no matter the toughest of the dirt. It quickly blasts the dirt to leave a safe and clean pool that you can use.

Other features 

  • Catches dirt 4x faster
  • Cleaning power rating of 225 
  • Doesn’t require the pool filter 
  • Large intake throat and head 
  • Easy to remove debris


Q: How to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum?

A: Using a pool vacuum can make the chore of cleaning your pool easier, by suctioning the dirt out. However, there are a few things that you need to do before you can start to use your manual pool vacuum.

Here is how to use your manual pool vacuum:

  • Connect the vacuum head to the end of a telescopic pole. That will enable you to move the head at the bottom of your pool.
  • Attach the end of a vacuum hose to the head.
  • Hold the pole tightly and lower the head into your swimming pool as well as the hose. The other end of the hose should be outside the pool. 
  • Look for the filter skimmer – return side.
  • Connect the other side of the hose to that intake. You will see water bubbles as the hose gets filled with water.
  • By now, the suction will have occurred, and the head will lay flat on the floor. 
  • Turn the filter nozzle to intake setting and move the head using the telescoping pole
  • Remove the hose once you are done and drain the water.

Q: How to Clean Pool with Manual Vacuum?

A: It is not an easy task if you decide to vacuum your swimming pool manually. You should be ready to spend a big part of your day while cleaning your pool. 

You start by connecting the manual vacuum cleaner as we have listed above, and they move to the cleaning part:

  • You should begin to clean the shallow end of your pool and ensure that you move the head slowly toward the deep end. 
  • Use long, slow, sweeping strokes when cleaning your pool and ensure that the strokes overlap each other. That will ensure that all the dirt is sucked up.
  • Note that rushing will kick the dirt around and make your pool to be invisible – you might need to wait for hours before the dust can settle down.
  • In case the head gets stuck, switch the power off to break the vacuum force and it will be free. 
  • Also, keep an eye on the filter’s pressure gauge when you are cleaning your pool. Take a break and backwash the filter if the pressure rises beyond the recommended level.

Final Word

I have reviewed the best manual pool vacuum that you should consider getting for your swimming pool. I have also looked at how you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean your swimming pool. You can now head out to the market and buy a model that suits your cleaning needs. 

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