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Custom Built In Closet

March 24, 2015

custom built-in closet

After taking my sweet time to put the finishing touches on the custom closet my father-in-law built for me, it’s finally done! I really love how it turned out. It’s plenty of room and it’s so organized.

custom built-in closet

I wanted to be able to see my necklaces and such, so the middle area became a vanity of sorts. I had to have lots of hooks… The earring frame and the bars on the sides are DIY and the 3 hooks in the back are from World Market.

custom built-in closet

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DIY Closet Progress

September 10, 2014

We tackled a big closet project last month and we’re so close to being done! I was super inspired by Kelly’s girly glam closet makeover, so I sent the link to my husband and father-in-law so they could get excited about it. :) Here’s what we did to make over our roomy, reach-in closets.


Our “before” closets weren’t terrible, Allen’s was basically two rods and a couple of wood shelves. Mine was actually all wire shelves and no rods, which was bad because I had to hang hangers in the wire and couldn’t slide anything around, you know?

closet before

With Kelly’s awesome closet inspiration, I drew up an idea of what I wanted in my reach-in closet. An area with shelves and drawers in the middle, rods on each side and lots of spaces for shoes. My awesome father-in-law took on this project and helped us with everything while Allen and I were at work. :)

diy closet sketch

We started with an unfinished, oak base cabinet from Home Depot to build the whole thing off of. My father-in-law, Charles, is a construction guy, so he had all the measurements and pieces figured out to have shelves above the base cabinet, rods on either side, and shoe shelves on the bottom right side.

diy closet 1

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DIY Easter Eggs

April 15, 2014

I can hardly believe it’s time for Easter already! I made these floral Easter eggs last year and I still love them this year. The thickness of the flowers on the thin eggs is a really neat detail. I suppose it’s time to make another batch!

DIY Floral Easter Eggs 1 DIY Floral Easter Eggs 2 DIY Floral Easter Eggs 3 DIY Floral Easter Eggs 4

See how I made them here.