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Spring Lettuce Garden

May 18, 2015

We finally have our first little spring garden! Earlier this spring, my mom & sister planted a fun little assortment for us – lettuces, onions and swiss chard – in our first little backyard garden. We got lucky and had a great month of consistent rain and slow-rising temps, which apparently is the perfect condition to grow perfect lettuce!

spring lettuce garden 1

We planted in February and harvested lettuce in early May and swiss chard in mid-May. It’s all delicious!

spring lettuce garden 2

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More Garden Progress

October 27, 2014

We made some serious progress in the garden when Mom was here last week! It doesn’t look like much now, but we got a ton of plant material in the ground. Mom brought at least 14 or 15 big trash bags full of plants from her garden. Isn’t she the best?! Yes. Yes, she is.

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

We planted everything pretty much like we planned out over the summer. The cool, fall weather has been perfect for these new plant babies to get used to their new home.

The Curtis Casa, Backyard Progress

This corner is the closet garden area to the deck… This will have my favorite perennial begonias, a gardenia, an American boxwood, Solomon’s Seal, a couple of Soft Caress Mahonias, and then a gorgeous hosta and fern collection by the tree with some Lily of the Valley in front. It’s going to be gorgeous when it all fills in this spring!

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Sneak Peek

September 9, 2014

This is a really, really fun sneak peek of a little project that the Curtis family has been working on over the past few months. I’m not going to share too much just yet, but I promise I will soon! How gorgeous are these photos by the lovely Sawyer Baird? Absolutely stunning, right? Eek, I can’t wait to share more about this project!

The Curtis Co. Potting Bench The Curtis Co. Potting Bench The Curtis Co. Potting Bench The Curtis Co. Potting Bench


Photos by Sawyer Baird