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5 Things I Love About My Home

August 4, 2015

I read a great article a couple weeks ago on Apartment Therapy, 5 Things I Love About My Imperfect Home. I was totally inspired to make my own list. Being home while on maternity leave has been so wonderful but it’s also made me hyper-aware of all the things in my home that I want to change or that need to be done, but that’s not the attitude I want to have toward the house that holds our memories. In a spirit of thankfulness, I wanted to make a list of the things I love about this home, because there are plenty.

Front Door

1. It’s old and historic. Our house was built in 1905 and has such a nice, old feel. W knew when we sold our first house that we were looking for something older with character and history. We totally found it. The floors are creaky and uneven, the fireplaces are old and crooked, and the doors are squeaky and wooden.

2. It’s small. Our house is about 1,800 square feet and I love it. We’ve learned to be efficient with space and storage and ruthless with our “give away” piles. Now with Lucy here, I absolutely love that I’m never far from her if she’s napping in her crib or if the favorite pacifier is in our bedroom and I’m in the nursery.

3. The layout. I know open layouts are all the rage these days, but I love a formal dining room. Our dining room is bright and has a fireplace… secrets out, we haven’t actually used the room for dining yet, but we will!

Dining Room

4. The neighborhood. Gosh, we really hit the neighborhood jackpot. We knew when we moved in that there’s a great sense of community here, the Halloween parade and “Christmas balls” traditions were the first clues, but we had no idea just how wonderful and hospitable our neighbors were. We know almost everyone on our street and our next door neighbors have a baby girl a few months older than Lucy. How fun to have a friend right next door!

5. It’s full of light. The light in this house really gets me. We get a ton of natural light, especially in the mornings. And in the kitchen, oh man, the kitchen is bright and white and such a great space to fix our morning coffee and wind down with a glass of wine.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Kitchen Island Inspiration

February 6, 2015

Our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. It’s big and white and perfect. The only problem is that there’s no island. Initially, I liked how open and welcoming the kitchen felt without an island blocking anything, but after living in it for almost a year, I really want the extra work surface and additional storage underneath. Out kitchen is also big enough to hold our dining table that usually holds 4 and can accommodate up to 8 easily, which I love. But I can’t have both a big workhorse island and a lovely dining table in the same space. So… What’s a girl to do?! We’ve been looking at islands and brainstorming sizes.

kitchen island inspiration

I love this white, chunky, “pull up a bar stool and hang out in the kitchen” look. Except I don’t want our family to eat at a bar, I want a place for Allen and I, and our future kiddos or couple friends, to have an easy place to sit and enjoy a casual dinner together without walking all the way down to the formal dining room.

kitchen island inspiration

White countertops, white backsplash, white cabinets and… BAM, a gorgeous chunk of butcher block. I love this look.

kitchen island inspiration

Not so much the colors in this one, but the open shelving. Gotta have a little place for cookbooks and stylish platters.

kitchen island inspiration

Are you sensing a theme? Love the white and butcher block combination on this one.

These island ideas get me all excited, now I just have to work in the dining surface somehow. Any suggestions?! :)

Thinking About Built-Ins

September 10, 2014

For our family room, we’re thinking we’ll cozy the room up with some built-ins on the back wall. It’s the left wall in the photo below. It needs some cozy-ing since it looks empty, huh! Yes, I am showing you a photo of the empty room before we moved in because I hate the way this room looks right now. :)

empty family room

Big chunky shelves built around the window on the back wall of the room will feel really lived in and homey, I hope. I’m imagining walking into the room… a plush rug, a comfy couch and a backdrop of pretty books and special trinkets, layered with art and lamps. I like it. Here’s some of the inspiration I can’t get out of my head. Plus, this is a long term plan for the room, we’ve gotta settle on furniture first!

built ins for family room 1


built ins for family room 3

Martha Stewart Living

built ins for family room 4

Little Green Notebook