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5 Favorite Mom Blogs

October 7, 2015

I have a few favorite family blogs on my must-read list that I love even more now that I’m a mom. I always find encouragement and inspiration from these ladies, whether it’s a lighthearted kid moment that makes me laugh or a sweet lesson in motherhood that pulls my heart-strings.

Lesley Graham: Lesley, mama to two precious girls, has a heart of gold. Lesley reminds me to slow down and take care of my mama self sometimes, too. Lesley makes even the littlest of moments a celebration!

Favorite Mom Blogs, Lesley Graham

Jen Loves Kev: Jen is a stylish mama of two little ladies and she just had a baby boy a few days ago! I am always inspired by Jen’s reminders to care for your marriage.

Favorite Mom Blogs, Jen Loves Kev

In Honor of Design: Anna’s love for big families makes me want 72894 children. Plus, she makes having four babies look effortlessly stylish and fun.

Favorite Mom Blogs, In Honor of Design

Style Within Reach: Caitlin and I had our baby girls just a few weeks apart and it’s so fun to keep up with our babes and watch them reach milestones! Caitlin’s mama-style is always on-point!

Favorite Mom Blogs, Style Within Reach

The Alison Show: If you don’t follow this lady, you absolutely should. Alison’s dance parties and daily antics remind me that even though having babies makes you feel grown up, you don’t have to act grown up.

Favorite Mom Blogs, The Alison Show

Breastfeeding On the Go

August 12, 2015

This post is sponsored by Itzy Ritzy.

Breastfeeding on the go is tricky the first few times, but Lucy and I have been working on our nursing-in-public skills and we’re getting the hang of it!

itzy ritzy infinity nursing scarf 1

A great nursing cover hard to find (I’ve tried three different kinds!) but I love this chevron one from Itzy Ritzy at Target. The infinity shape is long enough to cover you and baby without being uncomfortably tight and the fabric is sturdy enough to be moved around and stay where you put it, for easy covering yourself and viewing baby! They have more colors, too!

itzy ritzy infinity nursing scarf 5 itzy ritzy infinity nursing scarf 7

We went to a friends house for dinner a few nights ago and I was able to nurse on their cute back porch, on the sofa and at the dinner table because this scarf was so easy! It can even double as a burp cloth when you’re done so you don’t get spit up on your clothes! Oh wait, you probably already have spit up on your clothes, right? ;)

itzy ritzy infinity nursing scarf 6

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, Itzy Ritzy is giving away an Itzy Ritzy Infinity Nursing Scarf, in Grey Chevron, and a $50 Target gift card! Head over to Instagram to enter! Good luck!

itzy ritzy infinity nursing scarf 8

Why I Wanted A Natural Birth

August 11, 2015

After two months of being Lucy’s mom, reflecting on my pregnancy, thinking back on our natural birth experience, and hearing lot of friends ask me, “why on earth would you do that?!” I’ve come to an interesting answer: I still don’t know why. What I do know is this: I wanted a natural birth more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. It was a deep and very emotional desire. I can also say with confidence that I have zero judgement for the way any woman chooses to birth. It is an intense and life-altering experience and I would never judge another woman’s decision or path during labor, just as I hope people don’t brush me off as a crazy hippie. ;)

Katie Oblinger Photography

While I can’t answer the question of “why” with an easy, one-liner, I do have a few thoughts about how I became so emotionally attached to a natural birth…

My body was beautifully created by God to bring life into this world. I wanted to allow my body to do what it was meant to do.

I was afraid. This one might not make much sense, but I felt more confident facing my fears of childbirth naturally than with medication.

Depression. Rational or not, I was afraid the mix of medication and synthetic hormones would significantly affect my body’s natural postpartum rhythm, enough to cause a bout of depression. I was afraid being depressed during those precious days immediately after birth would alter my perception of new motherhood and negatively affect bonding with my sweet baby. I wanted to do everything in my power to clear my mind and prepare to welcome my baby into this world.

I wanted to feel it. When I first started telling people I was pregnant, I got a lot of wonderful congratulations and all the stereotypical questions people ask a newly pregnant woman – questions she likely doesn’t know the answer to yet. Chatting with one woman in particular, I mentioned that I was interested in a natural birth. She was surprised and gave me the whole run down of why I didn’t want a natural birth. When she finally paused to ask me why, I answered sheepishly, “I don’t know, I just want to feel it.” She laughed. One of those I’m-looking-down-on-you-laughs that makes you feel completely embarrassed for whatever foolishness just came out of your mouth. I decided that day I would find better words to describe why I wanted a natural birth. I worried if I couldn’t answer the question confidently, maybe I couldn’t tackle the real thing. I tried, unsuccessfully, for the next six months to find those words. Toward the end of my pregnancy, when asked about natural birth, despite my efforts to find a confident, eloquent answer, I went back to my initial, instinctive description: I wanted to feel it.

And I suppose my that’s my one-liner now: I wanted to feel it. And you know what? It felt great.

Photo by Katie Oblinger Photography

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