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It’s a…

January 28, 2015

gender reveal brunch table setting 1

. . . G I R L !

gender reveal brunch table setting 2

We are thrilled that we’re going to welcome a BABY GIRL into our family this July. We found out a few weeks early… I couldn’t stand to not know! We had a little brunch celebration to share the news with a few friends. I couldn’t keep it a secret for too long, but I wanted to do a little something fun. We are so excited about this baby girl! I admit I was taken by surprise, I had always envisioned myself with a boy baby for some reason. But now that I know it’s her, it’s perfect. This baby girl will fit right in with the closeness with my Grams, Mom & Sister. The Curtis family is way boy-heavy – it’s about time to add a sweet girl into the Curtis family mix! I’m getting so excited about all the Mom & Daughter things this baby and I will share. She will be my firstborn, the way I am my Mom’s firstborn. This special bond is not lost on me and I am giddy at the thought of being as close with my daughter as I am with my Mom. (Love you, Mom!) And Allen, my sweet, sweet husband, is going to be such a great girl-daddy. I cannot wait to see how his daughter will break into his hard exterior. She will melt him, I’m pretty confident. Mostly, I can’t wait to see him playing dolls, having imaginary tea parties, brushing hair and putting on bows!

And, a little side story, just for fun. Our ultrasound appointment was really sweet. To tell us the big news, the technician actually typed the words “I’m a… GIRL!” For a moment, I thought was an odd communication method, but I’m so thankful she took herself out of the moment and let Allen and I have that time for us to share. It was really, really sweet.

Eeee! It’s a G I R L !

Our Big (Little) News

January 12, 2015

… We’re having a baby! 2015 is going to be a great year for the Curtis family! Allen and I are so excited to be experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Expecting our first baby simultaneously feels life-changing and shocking, and yet completely natural. We had a great time surprising our family and friends with the good news before the holiday season. Baby Curtis will be joining us in July, so Allen and I are going to be busy, busy for the next few months preparing. We are so thrilled!

teddy bear

Thank you all for the congratulations and well wishes! We are grateful. (Oh and PS – please, please send us all your tips, advice and recommendations!)

Happy New Year!

January 7, 2015

Happy 2015, friends! I hope the new year is off to a great start for you, it certainly is for us! We enjoyed a great holiday with family and friends. Allen and I, as part of our new years’ tradition, sat down and talked about 2014, what we loved about it, what we could improve, how we’re doing in all the life categories, financially, spiritually, physically. We came up with a short list of real, attainable resolutions and I’m already so refreshed and thankful for the new year!

white kitchen the curtis casa

2015 Resolutions

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