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Maternity Wear

January 15, 2015

I’m 16 weeks this week (eee!) and I’ve got a little teeny tiny bump starting to show. That means I’m eagerly and excitedly shopping around for maternity options and secretly hoping a big baby bump will pop out soon! My first search for stylish maternity was a newer brand I’ve seen around the internets lately, Hatch. These pieces are gorgeous, simple and sleek. These are my favorites so far.

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Pull-Over

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Mia Dress

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Demin Leggings

Hatch Maternity Wear

Hatch Marais Dress

PS – I’m keeping track of all my maternity wishlist items on Pinterest!

Kindah Khalidy Clutches

October 28, 2014

I am loving these loose zipper clutches lately and these patterns from Kindah Khalidy are so fun. I like the dark greens for this fall and the pink palettes for next spring. Yes, I’m already thinking about next spring. I’m not really a cold weather gal…

Kindah Khalidy Green Clutches

I love the strawberry pattern and the abstract paint palette clutches too. So cute, right?! See all the clutches here.

Kindah Khalidy Pink Clutches