Four Months with Lucy

October 15, 2015

Little Lucy, you’re not so little anymore! Your daddy and I are so in love with you. We love watching you grow, and we’re growing with you, too. You are a delightful little one, you’re curious about the world around you, you’re eager to babble and coo with us and you’re the sweetest little snuggler there ever was.


Development: It is completely fascinating and so so fun to watch Lucy’s world open up more and more everyday. Every time she discovers something new or sees something in a new way, it’s completely awe-inspiring. Lately, she’s been noticing our dog, Birch, in a new way. Last week he did his usually “play with me” dance and Lucy giggled in response! She’s a smiley girl, giggling a little bit when we exaggerate our kisses. She’s also quite a coo-er. She started coo-ing and having little conversations with us around 3 months, and then paused her conversation skills for a couple weeks while some other developmental things were happening in her brain, that’s what we think anyway. It was so fascinating! Lucy’s coo-ing and gurgling and squeaking is an awesome sign of her wanting to connect with us. Physically, she can lift her torso up into a pretty good push up, roll over and can hold her head up pretty well for short periods of time in an almost-sitting-up position. She can hold herself up really well while we’re holding her, and it’s made her feel like such a big girl!


Daytime: Lucy gets to hang out with her Grandmas at our house has been so fun and so comforting for me to ease the transition back to work. I’m so thankful our families have been so super supportive! Lucy’s morning routine is the most consistent, she usually wakes up around 8:00, happy as a clam. She still taking multiple naps throughout the day, depending on length. She loves playing with her hands and touching her hands together, reaching out to touch the animals on her playmat, grasping onto things and immediately bringing them to her mouth, grabbing mama’s hair and necklaces, etc. She has the best smile and a joyful little giggle. We’ll cover her in kisses to make her giggle and I just about cry every time. She’s the cutest.

Nighttime: Lucy’s been so sweet to grant us so many calm nights, around 10 hours straight sleeping. Right around 16 weeks, we had a short stint of the four-month sleep regression, it’s supposedly caused by the developmental leaps they’re going through, but it only lasted 3 or 4 nights. Every now and then she’ll have a couple nights in a row of nighttime waking, but they’re usually temporary or caused by a something in particular, like a doctor visit or really rocking her off her routine.


Lucy’s still rocking 3 month onesies and she fits in 6 month pants and pajamas. We think she’s gonna be long like her daddy! Lucy weighed 13 lbs. 7 oz. and 24 inches long at her 4 month appointment this month.

Two Months with Lucy
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Three Months with Lucy

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5 Favorite Mom Blogs

October 7, 2015

I have a few favorite family blogs on my must-read list that I love even more now that I’m a mom. I always find encouragement and inspiration from these ladies, whether it’s a lighthearted kid moment that makes me laugh or a sweet lesson in motherhood that pulls my heart-strings.

Lesley Graham: Lesley, mama to two precious girls, has a heart of gold. Lesley reminds me to slow down and take care of my mama self sometimes, too. Lesley makes even the littlest of moments a celebration!

Favorite Mom Blogs, Lesley Graham

Jen Loves Kev: Jen is a stylish mama of two little ladies and she just had a baby boy a few days ago! I am always inspired by Jen’s reminders to care for your marriage.

Favorite Mom Blogs, Jen Loves Kev

In Honor of Design: Anna’s love for big families makes me want 72894 children. Plus, she makes having four babies look effortlessly stylish and fun.

Favorite Mom Blogs, In Honor of Design

Style Within Reach: Caitlin and I had our baby girls just a few weeks apart and it’s so fun to keep up with our babes and watch them reach milestones! Caitlin’s mama-style is always on-point!

Favorite Mom Blogs, Style Within Reach

The Alison Show: If you don’t follow this lady, you absolutely should. Alison’s dance parties and daily antics remind me that even though having babies makes you feel grown up, you don’t have to act grown up.

Favorite Mom Blogs, The Alison Show

Three Months with Lucy

September 13, 2015

Oh, little Lucygirl! We cannot believe you’re a whole 3 months old. You’re a charming little gal, with a beautiful smile and an easy disposition. You’re already showing us your personality and we love getting to know you.

Lucy Curtis, 3 Months

Development: I’m sure I’ll say this every month, but Lucy is such a sweet, happy baby. She’s really started to show us her sweet personality over the past month. She must be a morning girl, since she’s happiest and smiliest in the mornings. She’s lively and happy most of the time, she cries and cues really well to let us know what she wants (or doesn’t want). That communication and understanding is so sweet and precious.

Lucy is coo-ing and gurgling up a storm, learning the back and forth of conversation and coo-ing to get our attention. She loves it when we get up close at chat with her, she opens her mouth really wide, lets out a little coo and then grins with her whole face. It was so fun around 9 or 10 weeks, I think, when she first started learning how to use her voice and understanding that her noises get a reaction out of her silly parents. It’s fascinating to watch her learning process, she would accidentally make a little noise and be so pleased with herself, but then she’d get frustrated if she wasn’t able to replicate it. Over the course of a few weeks, she figured it out and now she’s coo-ing all the time!

She’s working on rolling over, she’s done it a few times and we’re in that easily-frustrated-if-she cant-replicate-it stage with this skill. The first time I saw her do it, it was a lesson in that whole “don’t do it for her!” thing of parenting. I saw a lifetime of “don’t do it for her!” ahead of us. Sweet and terrifying at the same time. Other fun things, Lucy likes to look at colorful books and she’s been trying to suck on her hands lately.

Lucy Curtis, 3 Months

Daytime: I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now, so Lucy spends her weekdays hanging out with her grandmas! She still takes three naps a day in about the same pattern, morning, lunchtime and afternoon, they’re just shorter and more inconsistent because she’s awake and interacting and engaging with us so much more. We’ve been transitioning off the swaddle for a few weeks and it’s gone well! It definitely affects her daytime naps now (when there’s lots of noises around and a Birchie-dog barking) but nighttime has been great. She’s a champ.

Nighttime: Oh man, are we lucky. Lucy’s getting to be a star at nighttime sleep. She made an easy transition from (at 2 months) nursing at 7 or 8pm, 10 or 11pm and 3 or 4am. Now at 3 months, Lucy is sleeping from 8pm to 4 or 5am pretty regularly. Sometimes she’ll stir when we head to bed between 10 and 11pm and we’ll nurse a little bit, but mostly she’s a champ and loves her bedtime. Her waketimes still vary, so getting ready for work anywhere between 6 and 8am is a little tricky, but we’re working on our routine. We put her to sleep in her crib at 8pm and then move her to the bassinet in our room when we go to bed. I love hearing her little grunts and squeaks as I fall asleep. I don’t know how or when we’re going to let her sleep in her crib all night! She can just sleep in the room with us til she’s a teenager, right? ;)

Lucy Curtis, 3 Months

Breastfeeding: I love love love nursing Lucy. (And I think she loves it, too.) It’s the last thing I do before I leave for work and the first thing I do when I get home in the afternoon. I was really worried the transition to working full-time would affect how we nurse. Those first few weeks it was obvious that Lucy was glad to see me when I got home, it was so sweet. And it still is. I was also worried about pumping and my milk supply, but thankfully, I think we made it through the transition and we’re okay for now. I’m pumping a little bit more than Lucy eats each day while I’m at work. Though I freak if my ounces vary from day to day, which I know is completely normal. Being a working-full-time-pumping-mama is HARD. (Run to the pumping room, think about your baby, try not to stress about work, run back to your desk, refocus on work and try to get something accomplished before the alarm goes off that it’s been 2 or 2.5 hours and we need to pump again. Repeat 3 times.) As hard as it is, I’m so so thankful that I have a work environment where pumping is possible.

Lucy Curtis, 3 Months

What a wonderful 3 months it’s been, Lucy!

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