DIY Colorful Headband

A few weeks ago I saw Kayley’s DIY J.Crew style belt and it got my wheels turning. I thought it would be cute to have the colorful embroidery thread on a headband! I gathered up what I had and bought a few extra colors, (I had to have the shiny gold thread!) and went to word pairing the colors.

I bought these cheap headbands for $1 and later realized that the little comb things would be helpful securing the string. These even have soft edges where the headband hits behind your ears to make it more comfortable.

Here’s what I did to wrap the embroidery thread securely around the headband:
1. Apply a dab of glue and secure one end of the thread. Holding your finger over the thread and glue (this part gets a little sticky) wrap the thread over the glue to secure the end.

2. Wrap up as far as you want, covering the glued area. Repeat the same thing with the next color, adding the end of the first thread and the beginning of the next thread in the same dab of glue.

3. I order the colors and sizes of each section randomly.

On the last section, I tied the thread in a half-knot and applied a lot of glue to make the end disappear into the rest of the thread.

And voila! Super easy and cute. I think I’ll be making a few more.

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