Home Tour: The Morrow’s Cottage-Style Ranch

Home tours are becoming one of my favorite things to share on this blog, and today we have a very special one! This is the lovely home of our sweet friends, Jay andĀ Jeanette. J and J have just welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world and they were kind enough to let me photograph their house right before she got here!

It will go without saying that Jeanette has impeccable taste and has curated a lovely, welcoming home. Take a peek inside!

Family Room

Jeanette always says she’s attempting to give their ranch style home a cottage feel, I think she pulls it off, don’t you?

Dining Room

The dining room might be one of my favorite rooms in this whole house. The zinc top table! The chairs! The new built ins! My goodness.

This wall of special things is also a really neat piece to welcome you into the house. I always stop to see if they’ve added anything new… ticket stubs, photographs, postcards, frisbees, anything really. The wood came from the floorboards of their dear friends home, making it all the more meaningful.

Eat-in Kitchen

The cozy eat-in nook by the kitchen is another great space. Look at that light fixture! The shelves are a great place for Jeanette’s cookbooks and a few stylish trinkets. There are more than a few dachshund trinkets in the Morrow house!

And that’s not all! There were too many great rooms to share so I’ve broken it up into two parts. Come back tomorrow for Part 2!

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