Anybody in need of a little color on your keychain? I had an old carabiner on my keys that was really worn and dingy, and my sister had been wanting to do something crafty with hers too. We thought wrapping them in embroidery thread could be a surprising addition of color. (These are similar to the DIY headbands, too!)

Our keychains are actually pretty fun already – I have a leopard key and Anna has one tie-dye and one sunflower pattern. Silly, huh?

I picked out a bunch of bright colors….

Here’s how we did it:1. Start with a drop of glue and put the end of your first thread in the glue. 2. Wait for it to get tacky and begin wrapping the thread over the glue. 3. When you’re ready to switch colors, put another drop of glue. Finish your first color and end the thread in the glue. 4. Start your next color in the same bead of glue and wrap the second thread around the end of the first thread to cover it.5. Continue with as many colors as you want.6. For the last thread color, put a drop of glue on the end of the wrapped area and place the end of the thread into the glue. Hold for a few minutes, or until the glue gets tacky. The end of the thread will kind of disappear since its the same color.

Tip – The curved areas are a little tricky. Just wrap slowly and tightly and the thread should cover the carabiner well.

And that’s it! I did one with a few colors and one solid blue with a little metallic stripe. You can do I think they’re really cute!

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