Diy Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

Diy Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

On a serious note, not everyone wants to jump into a cold pool. They do not find it comfortable to use. They like their pool water to be perfect room temperature to make it conducive to inhabit. Therefore, they need to heat the pool. Heating your pool can be a costly venture due to the equipment and processes it requires. That’s why it would be rather cost-effective if you can harness the power of the sun and use it in warming the pool.

One effective way of warming your pool is the black hose solar pool heater.  The black hose solar pool heater is easy to make and use a solar pool heater that’s less expensive. With a black PVC pipe, wooden board, and duct tape, you can transform your pool from cold water to warm water pool.

How to construct a solar pool heater black hose

To construct your solar pool heater black hose, you need a piece of plywood or wooden board, black PVC pipe or vinyl irrigation hose, duct tape or zip ties to hold it into position. 

Before constructing your black hose solar pool heater, you need to

  • Decide where to install the solar pool heater

It would help if you considered where to install the constructed solar heating system. You can place them on the roof due to the amount of exposure to sun rays it receives and how that exposure triggers the heating of the pipes.

  • Measure the installation distance

You also have to measure the gap between the area of installation and the swimming pool. This is essential because it shows the length of pipe needed for the setup.

  • Position the pipe right

After taking measurements, you need to begin placing the tubes in areas where the installation would pass. Connect one end of the black pipe to the water pump, and the other end of the pipe ducked in the pool water.

  • Arrange the tube properly

While laying the pipes, don’t let them be in clusters. You can coil the pipes spirally or coil them on the wooden board or plywood and place them on your roof to increase the heating effect.

 To create your black hose solar pool heater, you coil the black hose on the wooden board and hold it in position with a nail or duct tape or zip ties.  Connect the coiled pipe to your pool filter so that when you filter water it passes through your solar water heater before going back to the pool. This will adequately warm up the water as you filter it. If you’re not using your pool filter, you need to connect the pipe to a sort of water pump that will push the water through your pipe.


With this quick guide, you can use a black hose pipe to create a system that adequately heats your pool. The winter season is upon us and if you’re one to wind down in a pool after the day’s stress, you can try this method to enjoy constant swimming.

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