The Best Propane Pool Heater

Are wondering what you can do to use your swimming pool 24/7 for 365 days? One benefit of owning a pool is that you can swim whenever you want. But things might get complicated during the cold months or chilly night when the water is too cold.

However, there is a solution for that if you get the best propane pool heater that is made to keep your pool warm around the clock. There are dozens of heaters that you can get from the market today, making it hard to choose the best.

But don’t worry, I have reviewed the top six propane pool heater that can give you that access to your pool whenever you want.

Propane Pool Heater Reviews – Top 6 Models for 2020

Below are the top six propane pool heaters that can raise your pool’s water during the winter months.

1. Hayward W3H150FDP Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward W3H150FDP is one of my favorites pool heaters on the market today, and it provides heating services for years. It can deliver reliable and long-lasting comfort to ensure that you swim every day and every night for 365 days.

One feature that makes it ideal is the long-lasting cupro-nickel heat exchanger that protects against premature failure and corrosion. What that means is that you can use it in pools with chemicals and expect it to last long.

The other feature I find to be interesting is the industry-leading hydraulic design that reduces the circulation time to save more energy. It also boasts of front-panel-only access and has an intuitive control pad that enables smooth operation. 

You can also find it easy to maintain this heater and is rated as a Low NOx emission unit. It won’t hurt the environment.

2. Sta-Rite SR200LP Max-E-Therm Black Propane Gas Pool and Spa Heater 200 BTU

Another model that I would recommend you try is the Sta-Rite SR200LP, and it provides up to 200 VTU. It is one of the lightest heaters you can get on its class, letting you install it without any hassle.

I also like its compact design that also make perfect for retrofit installation without needing the service of a professional. Besides, it is a model that doesn’t use a lot of energy, saving you 84% of your electricity compared to having other heaters. 

The other great feature of this unit that I must mention is the rustproof housing that makes it ideal for use in pools without rusting. That is all possible due to the dura-glass that easily handle harsh climate and weather. 

Moreover, it easily fit other systems in your pool if you want a replacement model. It is a great heater.

3. Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series 300,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Another pool heater that I would recommend for you is the Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series. The unit has a standard cupro-nickel heat exchanger that makes it reliable and superior to most units on the market today.

It also comes with a bypass valve and polymer header design that help it to provide reliable and efficient output. Besides, the unit is universal in design to allow for versatile and easy installation even without seeking professional help.

One feature that I found to be quite interesting is the environmentally friendly nature thanks to the low NOx emissions. You can use this heater in all places, and you can be confident it will provide you with value for your money. 

Another feature of this electric heater is the ability to last longer when you compare it to other models in its class. 

4. Pentair 460737 MasterTemp 400K BTU Propane Gas High-Performance Eco-Friendly Heater

The model provides up to 400K BTU to ensure that your pool remains heated during the winter and chilly nights to allow you to swim 24/7. One thing I like about this unit is the ability to preserve the environment since it is an eco-friendly unit.

It also heats up quite fast to ensure that you don’t wait for hours before you dive into your swimming pool. And it is rated as one of the best energy savers when it comes to heaters in its class, meaning you get value for money.

I also like the manual gas shut-off that makes it easy to operate the heater. It also comes with a low NOx emission certificate that ensures it meets the industry standards.

Another feature is the compact nature of the heater that make it possible to install in most places.

5. Pentair 460735 MasterTemp 300K BTU Propane Gas High-Performance Eco-Friendly Heater

Here is another heater from Pentair that has made it on my list and is one of the best in the industry today. It gives out up to 300K BTU, making it a high-performance unit that is not matched by most heaters on the market today. 

Another feature I love is the ability of the unit to heat up quite fast to ensure that you enjoy your spa or pool instantly. The model has also been shown to save energy to make sure that you get low energy bills.

Besides, its construction makes it a low NOx emission unit that meets all the industry standards of a great heater. You also don’t need to be a professional when installing it, as it is straightforward to assemble and is quite compact.

6. Raypal 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Propane Pool Heater

One great thing I love about this model is the ability to control it digitally and is a useful model for spa and pool. It has a microprocessor-controlled thermostat that you can set to enjoy the desired water temperature.

The model also comes with internals and cabinet that is rust-resistant and non-corrosive to ensure that it gives you service for years. It is further enhanced by a PolyTurf powder coating that makes it remain in water without getting damaged. 

Another feature I found to be quite surprising is the copper-fin-tube heat exchanger that makes it more effective. There is also a stainless steel tube sheet, burner tray, fire tile, and two inches CPVC water connections.

Its header is made of polymer to guarantee effective heat transfer into the water and save energy. The heater was designed to give you value for your money and last for a long time.


Q: How Many BTUs Do I Need to Heat My Pool?

A: You require about 10 BTUs per square foot, per hour, per degree above the surrounding temperature to maintain your pool temperature. That means you need about 60,000 BTU per hour if you have a pool of 300 square feet at an area with 60 degrees F to maintain 80 degrees F.  

Q: How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

A: A propane pool heater burns gas to keep the water in your pool pump warm as it cycles to your pool. They are the ideal units for above ground pool and for inground pool, as well as spas.

Q: Can You Convert a Natural Gas Pool Heater to Propane?

A: A pool heater can work on either gas, but you shouldn’t just switch between natural and propane gases because you need to change the orifice sizes. A propane model comes with a different heating value while a natural gas one has a different one.

Besides, the burner tray and gas valve are also different – smaller in propane gas heaters.

Q: How Much Propane Does Pool Heater Use?

A: A propane heater burns about one gallon per hour to produce 100,000 BTU. Thus, a 400,000 BTU unit can burn up to four gallons in 60 minutes.  

Q: What Temperature Should I Heat My Pool in the Winter?

A: You should maintain a constant temperature of between 80-90 degrees during the winter. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right size heater for your swimming pool or spa is critical, and that means looking at BTUs of every unit. BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise a single pound of water by a single degree. You can now choose the best propane pool heater for your need.

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