Hi! I’m Whitney. I’m a blogger by profession and by hobby. I started blogging in May 2010. As I met friends online and was inspired by the blogs I read, I fell more and more in love with the blogging world and I devoted more and more time to figuring it out. In January 2013, I quit my boring job in non-profit educational fundraising. It was scary and awesome. For a year, I freelanced, blogged, networked, DIY-ed, photographed, and blogged some more. That year of freelance blogging led me to my current job as Senior Editor of The Home Depot Blog. Turns out, quitting a job you hate to explore something you love is totally worth it. I highly recommend it.

On The Curtis Casa, I like to keep it light and fun. Here you will find projects from around our house, a little bit about gardening, a little bit about style, and lots of fun things from the internet.