The Best Manual Pool Vacuum

What is the best manual pool vacuum? It is not easy to choose the best vacuum cleaner for a swimming pool, and it is even harder if you are looking for the best manual pool vacuum.

There are hundreds of models that you can choose from both online and at your local store, and they all seem to look the same. However, these cleaners are different, and every model or brand has its unique pros and cons.

Due to that, I have reviewed the seven manual pool vacuums that you should consider getting for your swimming pool.

Review of 7 Manual Pool Vacuums: Editors Pick for 2020

Here is a summary of the top seven pool cleaners that you should get for your swimming pool. Note that they are operated manually.

1. Pool Blaster Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Rechargeable Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Cleaner 

Pool Blaster is a reputable brand that provides some of the best pool cleaners you can get on the market today. One such model is the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish that comes with a lot of amazing features, and it is ideal for above ground pools.

  • Cordless unit – The first feature that I love of this model is the cordless nature as it gives you the freedom to move around when cleaning your pool. Since it is cordless, the model comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that provides enough power to last for hours. 
  • Small inground pools – Another feature that makes it a great unit is the ability to clean small pools, hot tubs, and spas. And it is also recommended for above ground and soft-sided pools, such as Intex.

Other features:

  • Offers versatile cleaning due to the 7½-inch removable vacuum head 
  • The battery lasts for 45 minutes 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Able to attach to telescopic poles 
  • Disposable micro-filter bags  

2. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

The other cleaner on my list is also a top model that can help you to clean your swimming pool as well as a spa or hot tub. It is one of my favorite cleaners on the shelves today and it comes with some superb features, including:

  • Battery-powered – The ability to use a battery means that you can rest assured you will have an easy time when cleaning your pool. It comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery that gives it the power it desired to clean even the toughest of messes in your swimming pool.
  • Unique construction – One thing you should note is that this is the flagship cleaner of the Pool Blaster line and it was designed to be different from other models. It was designed to provide the best cleaning.

Other features:

  • The battery lasts for 60 minutes 
  • For hot tubs, pools, and spas
  • Reusable X-treme multilayer filter
  • Easy push-button on/off switch 
  • Battery recharges fast 

3. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Another cleaner that can clean your pool to leave it spotlessly clean is the Intex Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and it uses a rechargeable battery. It is a model that can withstand heavy-duty use and provides some fantastic features such as:

  • Automatic shutoff – The automatic shutoff is a feature that comes in handy to ensure that the cleaner saves power when it is not in use. What that means is that it goes off when it is out of the water, and it is made using IPX8 waterproof material. 
  • Interchangeable brush heads – These heads allow you to choose the right brush for your swimming pool. You can have peace of mind knowing that the cleaner won’t damage your swimming pool.

Other features 

  • Durable, built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 
  • Suitable for above ground pools and PureSpa
  • Vacuums debris and dirt 
  • A USB cable for charging the batteries 
  • Wider telescoping aluminum shaft 

4. Pool Blaster Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless 

Another pool cleaner by Pool Blaster that has made it on my list is the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless. It is a unique vacuum cleaner that comes with amazing features, which I have reviewed here:

  • Capture more dirt – It boasts of a higher debris capacity than most pool cleaners on the market today. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your cleaner can clean the pool for hours without needing to empty the debris, dirt, or leaves in the bag.
  • Versatile cleaning – You can choose between spot cleaning or cleaning the whole pool. That is all possible thanks to the ability to choose between the two features, and spot cleaning can remove a stain within seconds. 

Other features

  • Cordless model that uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Easy to operate 
  • Provides up to 45 minutes of cleaning 
  • Perfect for soft-sides pools, above ground pools, and inground pools 
  • Connects to telescoping pools 
  • Able to vacuum all the dirt 

5. Water Tech CATFISH Pool Blaster Catfish Battery Powered Vacuum

Water Tech CATFISH is a model that can help you to remove the burden of manually cleaning your swimming pool. It provides you with superior power to help scrub all the messes on the pool and leave it cleaner than ever.

  • Versatile – One thing you should note is that this is a cleaner that was made to provide you with versatility and innovative functionality. That means you can easily clean the bigger messes in your spa or pool without using effort. 
  • For inground pool – Another feature that makes this a great model is the ability to clean an above ground pool, an inground one, spa, and hot tubs. It is the only cleaner that you will ever need if you own all these swimming facilities.

Other features;

  • Filter bag collects fine and large debris 
  • Easily attaches to telescopic poles
  • Comes with a battery and charger
  • Easy to operate 
  • Lasts for a long time 

6. Aqua Products Water Tech CATFISH Pool Blaster Catfish Battery Powered Vacuum

The fifth model is an automatic suction cleaner that was designed to clean most pool types and does not lose power. It is one of the most reliable cleaners you can find online today. Here are some of its significant features:

  • Connects to vacuum inlet – It is a great feature that ensures you save money since you do not need to buy an extra booster pump to run the cleaner. You can also connect it to the skimmer inlet. And it is straightforward to connect this model to that inlet.
  • Clean whole pool – One feature that I love of this model is the ability to leave your swimming pool thoroughly cleaned. It is a model that cleans corners, stairs, walls, and floors of a swimming pool. 

Other features:

  • Dual suction design 
  • Comes with a 32-foot hose 
  • Ideal for soft-sided pools 
  • One of the most affordable cleaners 
  • Easy to connect to the inlet 

7. Pool CENT2012 Water Tech Blaster Centennial 

Pool CENT2012 is one of the most advanced pool cleaners that has ever hit the market, and it is a battery-powered model. It offers some fantastic features that can guarantee you a durable product that is effective in cleaning a swimming pool.

  • Great filter – One of the pros of this model is the advanced filter that helps to collect even the tiniest of debris in your pool. The filter also helps to capture as much dirt as possible before you can empty the unit.  
  • Durable cleaning power – It is another feature that ensures you get a clean pool no matter the toughest of the dirt. It quickly blasts the dirt to leave a safe and clean pool that you can use.

Other features 

  • Catches dirt 4x faster
  • Cleaning power rating of 225 
  • Doesn’t require the pool filter 
  • Large intake throat and head 
  • Easy to remove debris


Q: How to Use a Manual Pool Vacuum?

A: Using a pool vacuum can make the chore of cleaning your pool easier, by suctioning the dirt out. However, there are a few things that you need to do before you can start to use your manual pool vacuum.

Here is how to use your manual pool vacuum:

  • Connect the vacuum head to the end of a telescopic pole. That will enable you to move the head at the bottom of your pool.
  • Attach the end of a vacuum hose to the head.
  • Hold the pole tightly and lower the head into your swimming pool as well as the hose. The other end of the hose should be outside the pool. 
  • Look for the filter skimmer – return side.
  • Connect the other side of the hose to that intake. You will see water bubbles as the hose gets filled with water.
  • By now, the suction will have occurred, and the head will lay flat on the floor. 
  • Turn the filter nozzle to intake setting and move the head using the telescoping pole
  • Remove the hose once you are done and drain the water.

Q: How to Clean Pool with Manual Vacuum?

A: It is not an easy task if you decide to vacuum your swimming pool manually. You should be ready to spend a big part of your day while cleaning your pool. 

You start by connecting the manual vacuum cleaner as we have listed above, and they move to the cleaning part:

  • You should begin to clean the shallow end of your pool and ensure that you move the head slowly toward the deep end. 
  • Use long, slow, sweeping strokes when cleaning your pool and ensure that the strokes overlap each other. That will ensure that all the dirt is sucked up.
  • Note that rushing will kick the dirt around and make your pool to be invisible – you might need to wait for hours before the dust can settle down.
  • In case the head gets stuck, switch the power off to break the vacuum force and it will be free. 
  • Also, keep an eye on the filter’s pressure gauge when you are cleaning your pool. Take a break and backwash the filter if the pressure rises beyond the recommended level.

Final Word

I have reviewed the best manual pool vacuum that you should consider getting for your swimming pool. I have also looked at how you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean your swimming pool. You can now head out to the market and buy a model that suits your cleaning needs. 


The Best Propane Pool Heater

Are wondering what you can do to use your swimming pool 24/7 for 365 days? One benefit of owning a pool is that you can swim whenever you want. But things might get complicated during the cold months or chilly night when the water is too cold.

However, there is a solution for that if you get the best propane pool heater that is made to keep your pool warm around the clock. There are dozens of heaters that you can get from the market today, making it hard to choose the best.

But don’t worry, I have reviewed the top six propane pool heater that can give you that access to your pool whenever you want.

Propane Pool Heater Reviews – Top 6 Models for 2020

Below are the top six propane pool heaters that can raise your pool’s water during the winter months.

1. Hayward W3H150FDP Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward W3H150FDP is one of my favorites pool heaters on the market today, and it provides heating services for years. It can deliver reliable and long-lasting comfort to ensure that you swim every day and every night for 365 days.

One feature that makes it ideal is the long-lasting cupro-nickel heat exchanger that protects against premature failure and corrosion. What that means is that you can use it in pools with chemicals and expect it to last long.

The other feature I find to be interesting is the industry-leading hydraulic design that reduces the circulation time to save more energy. It also boasts of front-panel-only access and has an intuitive control pad that enables smooth operation. 

You can also find it easy to maintain this heater and is rated as a Low NOx emission unit. It won’t hurt the environment.

2. Sta-Rite SR200LP Max-E-Therm Black Propane Gas Pool and Spa Heater 200 BTU

Another model that I would recommend you try is the Sta-Rite SR200LP, and it provides up to 200 VTU. It is one of the lightest heaters you can get on its class, letting you install it without any hassle.

I also like its compact design that also make perfect for retrofit installation without needing the service of a professional. Besides, it is a model that doesn’t use a lot of energy, saving you 84% of your electricity compared to having other heaters. 

The other great feature of this unit that I must mention is the rustproof housing that makes it ideal for use in pools without rusting. That is all possible due to the dura-glass that easily handle harsh climate and weather. 

Moreover, it easily fit other systems in your pool if you want a replacement model. It is a great heater.

3. Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series 300,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Another pool heater that I would recommend for you is the Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series. The unit has a standard cupro-nickel heat exchanger that makes it reliable and superior to most units on the market today.

It also comes with a bypass valve and polymer header design that help it to provide reliable and efficient output. Besides, the unit is universal in design to allow for versatile and easy installation even without seeking professional help.

One feature that I found to be quite interesting is the environmentally friendly nature thanks to the low NOx emissions. You can use this heater in all places, and you can be confident it will provide you with value for your money. 

Another feature of this electric heater is the ability to last longer when you compare it to other models in its class. 

4. Pentair 460737 MasterTemp 400K BTU Propane Gas High-Performance Eco-Friendly Heater

The model provides up to 400K BTU to ensure that your pool remains heated during the winter and chilly nights to allow you to swim 24/7. One thing I like about this unit is the ability to preserve the environment since it is an eco-friendly unit.

It also heats up quite fast to ensure that you don’t wait for hours before you dive into your swimming pool. And it is rated as one of the best energy savers when it comes to heaters in its class, meaning you get value for money.

I also like the manual gas shut-off that makes it easy to operate the heater. It also comes with a low NOx emission certificate that ensures it meets the industry standards.

Another feature is the compact nature of the heater that make it possible to install in most places.

5. Pentair 460735 MasterTemp 300K BTU Propane Gas High-Performance Eco-Friendly Heater

Here is another heater from Pentair that has made it on my list and is one of the best in the industry today. It gives out up to 300K BTU, making it a high-performance unit that is not matched by most heaters on the market today. 

Another feature I love is the ability of the unit to heat up quite fast to ensure that you enjoy your spa or pool instantly. The model has also been shown to save energy to make sure that you get low energy bills.

Besides, its construction makes it a low NOx emission unit that meets all the industry standards of a great heater. You also don’t need to be a professional when installing it, as it is straightforward to assemble and is quite compact.

6. Raypal 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Propane Pool Heater

One great thing I love about this model is the ability to control it digitally and is a useful model for spa and pool. It has a microprocessor-controlled thermostat that you can set to enjoy the desired water temperature.

The model also comes with internals and cabinet that is rust-resistant and non-corrosive to ensure that it gives you service for years. It is further enhanced by a PolyTurf powder coating that makes it remain in water without getting damaged. 

Another feature I found to be quite surprising is the copper-fin-tube heat exchanger that makes it more effective. There is also a stainless steel tube sheet, burner tray, fire tile, and two inches CPVC water connections.

Its header is made of polymer to guarantee effective heat transfer into the water and save energy. The heater was designed to give you value for your money and last for a long time.


Q: How Many BTUs Do I Need to Heat My Pool?

A: You require about 10 BTUs per square foot, per hour, per degree above the surrounding temperature to maintain your pool temperature. That means you need about 60,000 BTU per hour if you have a pool of 300 square feet at an area with 60 degrees F to maintain 80 degrees F.  

Q: How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

A: A propane pool heater burns gas to keep the water in your pool pump warm as it cycles to your pool. They are the ideal units for above ground pool and for inground pool, as well as spas.

Q: Can You Convert a Natural Gas Pool Heater to Propane?

A: A pool heater can work on either gas, but you shouldn’t just switch between natural and propane gases because you need to change the orifice sizes. A propane model comes with a different heating value while a natural gas one has a different one.

Besides, the burner tray and gas valve are also different – smaller in propane gas heaters.

Q: How Much Propane Does Pool Heater Use?

A: A propane heater burns about one gallon per hour to produce 100,000 BTU. Thus, a 400,000 BTU unit can burn up to four gallons in 60 minutes.  

Q: What Temperature Should I Heat My Pool in the Winter?

A: You should maintain a constant temperature of between 80-90 degrees during the winter. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right size heater for your swimming pool or spa is critical, and that means looking at BTUs of every unit. BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise a single pound of water by a single degree. You can now choose the best propane pool heater for your need.


Diy Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

Diy Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

On a serious note, not everyone wants to jump into a cold pool. They do not find it comfortable to use. They like their pool water to be perfect room temperature to make it conducive to inhabit. Therefore, they need to heat the pool. Heating your pool can be a costly venture due to the equipment and processes it requires. That’s why it would be rather cost-effective if you can harness the power of the sun and use it in warming the pool.

One effective way of warming your pool is the black hose solar pool heater.  The black hose solar pool heater is easy to make and use a solar pool heater that’s less expensive. With a black PVC pipe, wooden board, and duct tape, you can transform your pool from cold water to warm water pool.

How to construct a solar pool heater black hose

To construct your solar pool heater black hose, you need a piece of plywood or wooden board, black PVC pipe or vinyl irrigation hose, duct tape or zip ties to hold it into position. 

Before constructing your black hose solar pool heater, you need to

  • Decide where to install the solar pool heater

It would help if you considered where to install the constructed solar heating system. You can place them on the roof due to the amount of exposure to sun rays it receives and how that exposure triggers the heating of the pipes.

  • Measure the installation distance

You also have to measure the gap between the area of installation and the swimming pool. This is essential because it shows the length of pipe needed for the setup.

  • Position the pipe right

After taking measurements, you need to begin placing the tubes in areas where the installation would pass. Connect one end of the black pipe to the water pump, and the other end of the pipe ducked in the pool water.

  • Arrange the tube properly

While laying the pipes, don’t let them be in clusters. You can coil the pipes spirally or coil them on the wooden board or plywood and place them on your roof to increase the heating effect.

 To create your black hose solar pool heater, you coil the black hose on the wooden board and hold it in position with a nail or duct tape or zip ties.  Connect the coiled pipe to your pool filter so that when you filter water it passes through your solar water heater before going back to the pool. This will adequately warm up the water as you filter it. If you’re not using your pool filter, you need to connect the pipe to a sort of water pump that will push the water through your pipe.


With this quick guide, you can use a black hose pipe to create a system that adequately heats your pool. The winter season is upon us and if you’re one to wind down in a pool after the day’s stress, you can try this method to enjoy constant swimming.


Does Bleach Freeze?

Does Bleach Freeze?

Bleach is a household name that depicts a solution of 2.5% sodium hypochlorite in water. It is usually called chlorine or liquid bleach. There is another form of bleach known for being oxygen-based or peroxide. Apart from being used to remove stains or disinfection. It can also be used to shock a pool apart from being used to remove stains or disinfection.

Types of bleach

Do you know that we have different types of bleach? They are;

  • Oxygen based bleach which has peroxide releasing compounds such as sodium perborate or sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleaching powder which is bleach in a powdery form known as calcium hypochlorite
  • Chlorine-based bleach which is made of sodium hypochlorite

Other forms of bleaching chemicals include Bromate chlorine dioxide, sodium per silicate, lithium and potassium analogs, sodium pyrophosphate, organic peroxide, sodium persulfate, carbamide peroxide, and ammonium.

How does bleach work?

When you apply bleach to your water, the oxidizing properties of the bleach break down the chemical bond of the chromophore, meaning the molecules lose whatever color it has or takes on the color of the surface it is on. The bleach changes the unit’s double bonds, altering the properties of the molecule to make it achromatic.

At what temperature does bleach freeze?

Due to the chemical properties of bleach, it can easily freeze if left outside for long during the cold period. While there are different types of bleach, each has its freezing point.

The determinant for the freezing point of bleach is the chlorine content of the different types. 

For instance, the bleach freezing point of liquid bleach is usually around 19 degrees Fahrenheit, but it may not bleach inside a protective container.

The freezing point for the different kinds of bleach includes; The freezing point for the different kinds of bleach includes;

  • If it contains 10 percent sodium hypochlorite, the bleach would freeze at 7 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If the bleach has 5 percent sodium hypochlorite it will begin to freeze at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As for pure chlorine, its freezing point is – 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the freezing point of bleach depends on chlorine content.

Optimize your bleach life

For your bleach to remain active over a period, you would have to store it properly away from any hot or freezing condition. That means you would have to save the product inside a cabinet at home.

The cabinet has to have stable room temperature for it to avoid freezing overnight. You need to turn your liquid bleach into an opaque container to avoid direct contact with sunlight, or else it will degrade.

Like other dangerous materials, ensure it is properly stored away from the reach of kids and pets.  You should also keep it away from all your household equipment and cleaning item because it reacts negatively with some of these items leading to them producing fumes.

How long will the bleach last?

The life span for a bottle of bleach is usually written on its label but asides that your bottle of bleach can last actively for six to nine months if stored properly.


You should find out the chlorine content of your bleach to make sure it is stored properly.



Anybody in need of a little color on your keychain? I had an old carabiner on my keys that was really worn and dingy, and my sister had been wanting to do something crafty with hers too. We thought wrapping them in embroidery thread could be a surprising addition of color. (These are similar to the DIY headbands, too!)

Our keychains are actually pretty fun already – I have a leopard key and Anna has one tie-dye and one sunflower pattern. Silly, huh?

I picked out a bunch of bright colors….

Here’s how we did it:1. Start with a drop of glue and put the end of your first thread in the glue. 2. Wait for it to get tacky and begin wrapping the thread over the glue. 3. When you’re ready to switch colors, put another drop of glue. Finish your first color and end the thread in the glue. 4. Start your next color in the same bead of glue and wrap the second thread around the end of the first thread to cover it.5. Continue with as many colors as you want.6. For the last thread color, put a drop of glue on the end of the wrapped area and place the end of the thread into the glue. Hold for a few minutes, or until the glue gets tacky. The end of the thread will kind of disappear since its the same color.

Tip – The curved areas are a little tricky. Just wrap slowly and tightly and the thread should cover the carabiner well.

And that’s it! I did one with a few colors and one solid blue with a little metallic stripe. You can do I think they’re really cute!


Home Tour: The Morrow’s Cottage-Style Ranch

Home tours are becoming one of my favorite things to share on this blog, and today we have a very special one! This is the lovely home of our sweet friends, Jay and Jeanette. J and J have just welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world and they were kind enough to let me photograph their house right before she got here!

It will go without saying that Jeanette has impeccable taste and has curated a lovely, welcoming home. Take a peek inside!

Family Room

Jeanette always says she’s attempting to give their ranch style home a cottage feel, I think she pulls it off, don’t you?

Dining Room

The dining room might be one of my favorite rooms in this whole house. The zinc top table! The chairs! The new built ins! My goodness.

This wall of special things is also a really neat piece to welcome you into the house. I always stop to see if they’ve added anything new… ticket stubs, photographs, postcards, frisbees, anything really. The wood came from the floorboards of their dear friends home, making it all the more meaningful.

Eat-in Kitchen

The cozy eat-in nook by the kitchen is another great space. Look at that light fixture! The shelves are a great place for Jeanette’s cookbooks and a few stylish trinkets. There are more than a few dachshund trinkets in the Morrow house!

And that’s not all! There were too many great rooms to share so I’ve broken it up into two parts. Come back tomorrow for Part 2!


DIY Colorful Headband

A few weeks ago I saw Kayley’s DIY J.Crew style belt and it got my wheels turning. I thought it would be cute to have the colorful embroidery thread on a headband! I gathered up what I had and bought a few extra colors, (I had to have the shiny gold thread!) and went to word pairing the colors.

I bought these cheap headbands for $1 and later realized that the little comb things would be helpful securing the string. These even have soft edges where the headband hits behind your ears to make it more comfortable.

Here’s what I did to wrap the embroidery thread securely around the headband:
1. Apply a dab of glue and secure one end of the thread. Holding your finger over the thread and glue (this part gets a little sticky) wrap the thread over the glue to secure the end.

2. Wrap up as far as you want, covering the glued area. Repeat the same thing with the next color, adding the end of the first thread and the beginning of the next thread in the same dab of glue.

3. I order the colors and sizes of each section randomly.

On the last section, I tied the thread in a half-knot and applied a lot of glue to make the end disappear into the rest of the thread.

And voila! Super easy and cute. I think I’ll be making a few more.


DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

You all know I love my little backyard garden. Last year I found a perfect little bird’s nest in this flimsy tree that hangs over the path. I would get Allen to put me on his shoulders and hoist me up so I could see the tiny eggs. One day, I was walking up the path and I saw pieces of little blue shell and a yellow gooey mess. Oh no! An egg fell out! Stupid flimsy tree. I decided I should make up for it by adding some bird houses to my garden, so I build a big one with some wood from a pallet last summer. Then I bought a small one and hung it on the fence. And guess what? No birds live in them. I saw one little bird checking them out one day, flying in and out of the holes, but he decided not to move in. Bummer. I thought maybe if I provided them some food, maybe they’d hang around for a while. The bird feeder project begins.
I saw a few wine bottle birdfeeders on Pinterest, so I gathered some inspiration and some pieces of plywood laying around in our garage and got to work. Special tidbit for my brother-in-law, Allen wasn’t home and I used two different saws and the drill all by myself! 😉
First, cut the wood to desired size. I made it up as I went along. That’s how I like to DIY.

Second, I painted the wood with 2 coats of exterior-friendly primer. 

Third, attach the first two pieces of wood.

Fourth, use the small “door handle hole” drill bit to cut a hole in your third piece of wood.

Tell your partner thank you for helping. Oh, hey thanks a lot, Iris.

Fifth, attach a smaller, thinner piece of wood around the bottom to create a lip. This is where the bird seed will fill up.

Sixth, (sounds like a lot of steps once you get to six…) attach the piece of wood with the hole. This was the hard part because I had to measure how far down my wine bottle would go. Also because I used gigantic deck screws and I had to line them up perfectly so they wouldn’t bust the thin piece of plywood. But this needs to be

Getting close! Fill your label-less wine bottle with bird seed.

And voila! A modern bird feeder. This guy is pretty heavy, so I haven’t decided how to hang it… I wanted to have it on the deck so we could see the birds fly by, but we might put it out in the garden. We’ve already seen a few pretty birds coming to eat! Maybe they’ll move into those birdhouses I got for them.